Kathryn Goodick 2015 Gloucester Ma Candidate For Ward 4 Councilor Election Video

To View Other Candidate submissions- https://2015gloucestermaelection.wordpress.com/

An Offer To All #GloucesterMA Election Candidates:

As you all know we don’t take political stances here or endorse candidates but what I’d like to offer is an invitation for any candidate that is running for office in Gloucester to submit a video explaining why they think they are best suited for the position they are running for. The easiest way to do this would be to upload the video to YouTube.

The videos will be released once and placed on GMG at 7PM on the following night that they are received. If more than one video is submitted to me at goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com then the first one that is submitted will be aired the following evening at 7PM and the next one submitted will be posted the following evening at 7PM. There will be a link in each candidates post containing their video to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com which will have all previously submitted candidate’s videos.

Once they are submitted they will be added to https://2015gloucestermaelection.wordpress.com/ where all the videos will be available for viewing at any time on the same page.

In the title of the video it should list the candidate’s name- position they are running for and the words “GMG submission”.

As always the GMG politics disclaimer- any post on these pages containing a candidate does not imply an endorsement for any candidate. Comments on www.goodmorninggloucester.com for these video submissions on the blog will be turned off for these posts as well.

Hopefully this will serve to help candidates get their message across.

Good luck and thank you to all that participate in the process for the love of Gloucester and making it better.


Cape Ann Monarch Butterfly Migration Update

Monarch Butterfly bougainvillea ©Kim Smith 2015Female Monarch and Bougainvillea

Monarch Butterflies Daisies ©Kim Smith 2015Methuselah Monarchs Heading to Mexico

Our last batch of Monarchs emerged from their chrysalides, dried their wings, and caught the tailwinds to Michoacán. I hope they arrive to their winter roosting sites at the trans-Mexican volcanic mountaintops safely!

Although not many migrating Monarchs were reported on the shores of Cape Ann, a great batch was seen migrating over Lake Erie in late summer. Cape May, which is 400 miles south of Cape Ann, also had a strong showing. Keep on the lookout though because on Election Day in 2007, I photographed a Monarch refueling at Korean Daisies.

The Monarchs are counted by the Mexican scientists in December and the numbers released in January. Last year a tiny increase from 2013 was noted (2013 was the year the lowest numbers were ever recorded). Lets keep our hopes up that the population will continue to improve.

Monarch Butterfly sunflower ©Kim Smith 2015

Last Sunflowers of the Season

Monarch Butterfly daisy ©Kim Smith 2015Monarch Butterfly pink bougainvillea ©Kim Smith 2015

Live Stream Link For Tonight’s Debate At The Hive Live At 7PM


The debate will address issues impacting millennials (Aged 18-39), including education from Pre-K through College; the local job market and economy; the real estate market; community development and tourism among other topics. This debate is open to millennials only, but will be live-streamed for the general public to view. Gloucester millennial-aged citizens are invited to submit questions to the candidates by emailing us at glosterity@gmail.com.

Hi Joey,
Here is the link to the live stream of the debate tomorrow night at the Hive in case you want to post it on GMG.  Let me know If you have questions.
-David Brooks


Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week – Men Are At Risk of Breast Cancer Too

Cape Ann Health, Fitness and Wellness News-

Cape Ann Wellness

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit

October is breast cancer awareness month and this week is Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week. While more rare than in women (< 1% of breast cancer according to the national cancer institute,) breast cancer in men is often further along when diagnosed due to less routine screening or awareness of risks. Knowledge is Power – Increased awareness leads to early detection and increased survival.

Male Breast Tissue

Couples with Breast Cancer  Husband and wives faced with breast cancer, and their inspiring stories – Meg and Gerard Campion and Kara and Mike Selsman. Kara’s breast cancer was caught at an early stage due to routine screening. By the time Mike’s breast cancer was diagnosed, it was more advanced with metastasis to the lungs and bones. Hear their stories and efforts and increasing awareness of male breast cancer.



Marines with Breast Cancer at Camp Lejeune –

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“INGA” from San Francisco Docks in Gloucester

Interesting History on this little sailboat, see below.



IMG_9864 Stitch

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Originally Posted by handsondeck View Post

BPW, Inga is a sweet looking boat. Beautiful hull. Where are you cruising these days. What part of the world do you consider home?
Me and my most significant other live in North central Minn. A little Hobby farm on the Mississippi river. Our body of water is lake superior. Our season of course is over. We have a 30 by 60 heated shop and am seriously considering attempting a build of some design. Do either one of you have any thoughts on that? Oh by the way right now we have an Alberg 30. It is in the shop and is going to get a repaint and inspection for the winter. Rewire the mast etc. etc. Thank-you both for reading. My name is Clyde. Sticks up and water out. fair winds

We left San Francisco (home) and have have been in South America the last few years. Boat is currently in Uraguy after spending a bunch of time in Tierra Del Fuego. That picture was taken off Chiloe Island in Chile.
While Inga has been a good little boat for us, it would be insane to build new and not take advantage of the last 70 years of development in boat design. We just bought an aluminum fin keel boat that will be our next cruising boat after a complete, down to a bare hull, rebuild. We wanted a metal boat since we like going very remote places with ice, but if not for that we had seriously been considering building one of Dudley Dix’s Didi designs. Modern boat design really is way better than the traditional type, safer, faster, and much easier to sail.

Dine Out Cape Ann- October 25-29 and November 1-5th 2015


October 25 – 29, 2015 and November 1 – 5, 2015 http://capeannchamber.com/dine-out-cape-ann/ The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the new Dine Out Cape Ann. Cape Ann is throwing away the tired restaurant week model and taking a fresh approach aimed at highlighting the unique flavor of each participating restaurant. The two week event will take place October 25th – 29th and November 1st – 5th, 2015, in restaurants throughout Cape Ann. Participating restaurateurs have been asked to create exclusive menu options that embrace their particular venue and highlight what makes them unique – from dishes that feature local seafood to signature cocktails and food pairings. This new spin culminates in a wide array of exceptional dining experiences that make up Dine Out Cape Ann. Cape Ann visitors, as well as locals, are invited and encouraged to indulge in the unique tastes of the area. This two week event provides plenty of time to experience the creative menu offerings at a number of different restaurants on Cape Ann. Enjoy! Participating restaurants to date include: Alchemy, Cala’s, Cape Ann Brewing Company, Castle Manor Inn, Foreign Affairs Wine Bar & Bistro, The Franklin Café, The Gloucester House Restaurant, Jalapenos, Latitude 43, Lobsta Land Restaurant, Mile Marker One, Ohana, Passports Restaurant, Seaport Grille, Short & Main, Topside Grill, and the Windward Grille. For more information on this event, please contact the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce at info@capeannchamber.com or 978-283-1601.


Dine Out Cape Ann

If You Are Really, Really Hungry…and only have $3…and Someone Dared You…

If you are really, really hungry…and only have $3…and you happen to be in Rockport, on Bearskin Neck, and everything is closed except for the Country Store (such a fabulous little store, for the record), and they’re sold out of EVERYTHING else, and you’re now beyond hungry, and someone dares you…. then maybe, just maybe you’d want to give these a go.

IT WAS BEX!!!!!!!!

2015-10-20 14.06.54

The sign maker was BEX!!!!  She had been working on it since May, she had us over for dinner and had it hidden the whole time!

Unbelieveable!!!  You know when you hear the term “Random acts of kindness”?  Well here you go.  Bex- one of the good ones!

How about that?  You know with my predictions of David Calvo and Bex yesterday, I had absolutely no idea, no clue who had done it.  wowzers, just wowzers.

Thank you so much Bex!