E. O. Wilson Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

“Competition is intense among humans, and within a group, selfish individuals always win. But in contests between groups, groups of altruists always beat groups of selfish individuals.”

E. O. Wilson (1929-    )


An Alabama native, Wilson, blinded in one eye at age 7, took up the study of insects shortly thereafter and is today recognized as the world expert on ants. A Professor of Evolutionary Biology at Harvard for forty years, he has won the Pulitzer Prize twice for books illuminating his work for scientists and laypeople alike. His work on eusocial species, (ants, termites, wasps, etc.) lead to controversy when he applied his findings to humans, positing evolutionary and genetic causes for human behavior, such as religion, rather than strictly cultural influences. It was Wilson who coined the term “biodiversity” the protection of which he continues to advocate as necessary for our existence. His recent books, The Social Conquest of Earth and Letters to a Young Scientist are highly readable accounts synthesizing his decades of research in fields of inquiry not always closely related.
Greg Bover

Joe Orlando 2015 Gloucester Ma Candidate For Councilor At Large Election Video

To View Other Candidate submissions- https://2015gloucestermaelection.wordpress.com/

An Offer To All #GloucesterMA Election Candidates:

As you all know we don’t take political stances here or endorse candidates but what I’d like to offer is an invitation for any candidate that is running for office in Gloucester to submit a video explaining why they think they are best suited for the position they are running for. The easiest way to do this would be to upload the video to YouTube.

The videos will be released once and placed on GMG at 7PM on the following night that they are received. If more than one video is submitted to me at goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com then the first one that is submitted will be aired the following evening at 7PM and the next one submitted will be posted the following evening at 7PM. There will be a link in each candidates post containing their video to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com which will have all previously submitted candidate’s videos.

Once they are submitted they will be added to https://2015gloucestermaelection.wordpress.com/ where all the videos will be available for viewing at any time on the same page.

In the title of the video it should list the candidate’s name- position they are running for and the words “GMG submission”.

As always the GMG politics disclaimer- any post on these pages containing a candidate does not imply an endorsement for any candidate. Comments on www.goodmorninggloucester.com for these video submissions on the blog will be turned off for these posts as well.

Hopefully this will serve to help candidates get their message across.

Good luck and thank you to all that participate in the process for the love of Gloucester and making it better.

525 Tavern on Lexington Avenue in Magnolia

On Wednesday was honored to take some photos and taste the new fall/winter food and drinks at 525.   Everything was so delicious.  Please make a date and visit 525 Tavern to enjoy a great dining experience.  From their Free Range Chicken to the Balsamic Fig & Chevre Pizza everything was served with a lovely presentation.  525 makes their own pasta right on site.

Please go to the following link to see more information on 525 Tavern.  525 also has a take out menu.


Ambiance of course

October 21, 2015 ambiance 005

Balsamic Fig & Chevre Pizza

October 21, 2015 Balsamic Fig & Chevre Pizza

DogTown Sour


October 21, 2015 Dogtown Sour

Free Range Chicken with seasonal root vegetables

October 21, 2015 free range chicken

Full assortment of beers


October 21, 2015 full assortment of beers

Hot Mulled Caramel Local Cider

October 21, 2015 Hot Mulled Caramel Local Cider

Smiling Justin one of the chefs


October 21, 2015 Justin chef

Lovely seating


October 21, 2015 lovely seating

Matt the restaurant manger shaking up a DogTown Sour


October 21, 2015 Matt Restaurant Manager shaking up a Dogtown Sour

Shrimp & Mussels Fra Diavolo


October 21, 2015 Shrimp & Mussels Fra Diavolo

Invasion of the Phalacrocorax

spoke too soon

invasion of the Phalacrocorax

I’d never seen this many together at one time, both at the mouth of Wonson Cove and in Smith Cove yesterday.  Maybe they were taking a rest here while on migration, or had heard that the fishing was really good here, although I didn’t see any of them feeding, just swimming and hanging out together.  Today I didn’t see any.   If you look really close in the sky on the top photo, there is a huge flock of something flying by.  I hadn’t even noticed them when photographing the cormorants.

Oops!  Spoke too soon.  A huge flock just flew in and out of Smiths Cove.  It was pretty amazing to see, like those crazy bats flying out of caves videos.


E.J. Lefavour

There’s Plenty to do and See in the Arts this Saturday

Three Visions of Gloucester

Peter Vincent, Jeff Weaver and Don Gorvett
in a new show at the Cape Ann Museum

The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to announce the opening of their latest exhibition, Vincent, Weaver, Gorvett: Gloucester, Three Visions on Saturday, October 24 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. The opening reception is free and open to the public. The exhibition will remain on view through February 28, 2016.

Peter Vincent (1947–2012), Howard Blackburn [detail] (undated), egg tempera on board, gift of Dr. and Mrs. Harold White, 1993 [Acc. #2887]; Jeff Weaver, Pavilion Beach [detail] (2006), oil on canvas, gift of the artist, 2008 [Acc. #2008-25]; Don Gorvett, Gloucester Reveries [detail] (1996), woodblock reduction print, 9 of 12, gift of the artist, 1996 [Acc. #1996.32].

Gloucester, Three Visions explores the work of three unique artists – Jeff Weaver, Don Gorvett and the late Peter Vincent – each of whom has lived in and been inspired by Gloucester’s working harbor for over 40 years.

During the early 1970s, the lives of Weaver, Gorvett and Vincent converged in Gloucester. They had each studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and for a time, Don Gorvett and Jeff Weaver shared studio space in an apartment building on the Fort; Peter, who lived in Rockport, was a frequent visitor. For each artist, Gloucester’s hardscrabble working waterfront was the attraction. Struggling to recover from the ravages of urban renewal, while at the same time weathering the slow steady demise of the city’s fishing industry, Gloucester Harbor in the early 1970s was a gold mine for the three artists.

Today, Jeff Weaver maintains a studio in Gloucester. After painting signs and murals in the 1990s, he turned his focus to watercolor and oil. Jeff can frequently be seen around town, brush and palette in hand, looking to capture the particular flavor of the city he calls home. Weaver has received numerous awards, including Marine Gallery at Mystic Seaport “Best in Show,” and Guild of Boston Artists “Silver Medal.” Don Gorvett currently lives and works in Portsmouth, NH, having maintained a studio in Gloucester for many years. He excels at the exacting art of reduction wood block printing and is a dedicated teacher. In 2013, Mr. Gorvett was awarded a medal for his lifetime achievements in the arts by Salem State University. Peter Vincent, who passed away in 2012, secured a solid reputation as one of New England’s most well regarded marine artists. In 1986 he was honored with the coveted Mystic Invitational Award for excellence in painting.

Related Programs

Saturday, November 7 at 9:30 a.m. ~ The Art & Life of Peter Vincent: A Gallery Talk with Eoin Vincent

Saturday, November 14 at 9:30 a.m. ~ Jeff Weaver Gallery Talk

Saturday, December 19 at 10:00 a.m. ~ Don Gorvett Gallery Talk

Saturday, January 23 at 2:00 p.m. ~ A Conversation with Eoin Vincent, Jeff Weaver and Don Gorvett

These programs are free for Museum members / $10 nonmembers (includes admission). Space is limited, reservations required: (978) 283-0455 x10 or info@capeannmuseum.org. Updates and details at capeannmuseum.org.

Please invite friends to join us for this event!


OCTOBER 24, 2015, 3–3:15 PM:  Annual meeting of members,

Falcon’s Nest at The Hive, 11 Pleasant Street, Gloucester:  

  • President Amanda Hurd will give a brief report to the members on the Association’s activities since its last annual meeting.

    Members who are unable to attend the meeting may give their proxies in writing to any other Member of the Association or by email to the Clerk (joannmichalak@me.com).

  • Images from the Costume and Textile Collection will continually be displayed.

3:15–4 PM: “Layers of Women’s Clothing,” An Illustrated Talk from Our Costume and Textile Collection, also Falcon’s Nest at The Hive

Mary Hurd, Costume Director, Brandeis University Department of Theater Arts, Anita Canzian, Head Draper, Huntington Theatre Company and Jennifer Nieling, Curatorial Intern, Nantucket Historical Association will give an illustrated talk on the Museum’s Costume and Textile Collection which they recently completed inventorying and digitizing. Free to the public.   

4:15–4:45 PM: The program will continue at the Sargent House Museum, 49 Middle Street, with viewing and refreshments: 

  • A few costumes may be viewed in small groups in the meeting room with brief comments by the speakers.   No touching of the costumes or bringing refreshments into the room will be allowed.
  • Socializing with light refreshments in the Gift Shop.

Trident Gallery is pleased to present a series of new paintings by Patti Sullivan, one of Gloucester’s great expressionist and colorist landscape artists.

Sullivan’s series of paintings of cormorants along Gloucester’s Back Shore in 2013 represented a significant development in her work. Influenced by recent travel in Alaska, she endowed the familiar scene with a haunting remoteness. The paintings show a rugged, elemental landscape at the boundary of our world, where land meets sea and humans meet animals as foreigners.

During the past year, Sullivan has continued her exploration of this coastline with a series of paintings of a particular large rock not far offshore. Though continuity with the earlier series is evident, especially in the large painting Solstice (2013), and in the enchantment of Sullivan’s rich colors and varied surface textures, the differences are striking.

The powerful, eclipsed, and angular compositions of 2013 have given way to symmetries. Ruggedness has softened into simpler, more abstract forms. The cormorants have receded, and with them the sense of an alien world. Bold gestures in the paint which belonged to the rocks, sea, and sky in 2013 now seem to belong to the artist. Earth tones have become shining bright colors which recall Sullivan’s paintings of Cuba and the Dominican Republic, showing a human and social world of city architecture and people. The new series celebrates personal encounters with landscape and joy in nature’s many-splendored variation.

This exhibition will show the 2013 series together with the 2015 series, each vitalizing and contextualizing the other and suggesting new directions of visual discovery to the imaginative viewer.


Trident Gallery

189 Main Street, Gloucester Massachusetts
978-491-7785 | TridentGallery.com

HOURS (During Patti Sullivan exhibition, October 24 – November 29)
Sat 10-7 • Fri Sun Mon 10-5 • Tue Wed Thu 12-5



Saturday October 24th, 6-8:30

The members of Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative in Gloucester are featuring a unique Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead art exhibit at 121 Main Street from October 17th through November 6th with a fiesta reception including refreshments and lively music on October 24th from 6 to 8:30 PM. At the reception, Christine Garrigan, former member, will be offering skeleton face-painting for the event.

The exhibit will highlight Day of the Dead art as well as a festive ofrenda or altar where the public can leave a note of remembrance. “I love celebrating this event as it offers a different perspective to the Halloween season, ” says Kathy Bucholska, a member for 26 years. “We celebrate the return of departed loved ones during this time of year with art, food, photographs, flowers and drink.” Kathy submitted mixed media pieces made from dominoes and colorful skeleton images in addition to skeleton jewelry.

Celebrated originally in Mexico, this holiday welcomes back departed family members on the1st and 2nd of November with music, brightly decorated sugar skulls and orange marigolds. It’s not a sad occasion but a happy one. Death is viewed as the continuation of life where the culture depicts a vibrant afterlife. Day of the Dead art often depicts brightly festooned skeletons doing everyday activities as imagined in the afterlife.

“For me, the Día de Muertos Celebration is a way to creatively integrate my own Caribbean cultural heritage and connections with family and friends who have died,” offers Ian Commissiong, a fiber artist who submitted a festive Day of the Dead themed apron and pillow.  “I love the bright colors typical of the celebration juxtaposed with the starkness of black and white”

“I think it is a great holiday focused on the good times we had with loved ones and not on holiday sale-a-thons,” notes Jim Sousa, photographer who offered brightly colored “skull art” photographs.

Since Day of the Dead art often involves satire and humor about the human condition, the window display has a satiric theme.  Local Colors’ resident skeleton, Miranda, is featured in the front window doing what she does best: eating, drinking and having fun along with members’ original work in the alcove window and featured wall.

Bonnie Gray submitted a colorful skull painting, adding “Once I understood that the Day of the Dead is actually a joyous time to celebrate the lives of our ancestors, I began to envision this painting.  I hope it conveys that feeling of joy to the viewer.” Pat Doherty painted a poignant portrait of a small boy being watched over by his mother in spirit. “Just as Dia de Los Muertos is a time to remember family and friends who have passed, I tried to have my oil painting show how a mother’s love is always with you, forever guiding you,” says Pat.

Dave Katz, a photographer, took a humorous approach with a photograph depicting a “die-hard” Red Sox fan (skeleton with Red Sox paraphernalia). Dave says, “I look forward to the traditional gallery event, as it allows us to channel our creativity in unexpected and interesting ways. I’m always inspired by the Day of the Dead artwork created by the other members.”

Sally Seamans, aka Tin Can Sally, went outside  her usual tin medium and created many colorful skeletons with flowered adornments that she calls ‘Sugar Girls’ in honor of the Day of the Dead skulls made from sugar. Ann Schlecht designed a pair of creative skeleton earrings made from tiny beads as well as a skull and cross bone silver charm noting that in ancient times “It was not a symbol of death but of life, reminding us that human life is temporary and that by contemplating our death we find the hidden treasure within each of us, eternal life.”

Donna Amero, a founding member, and Virginia Townsend are displaying their own version of skeleton fish: Donna created whimsical skeleton fish from stained glass while Virginia painted a fun fish skeleton image on her pottery.

More Day of the Dead art will be on display by other members as well as former member, Lois Hertzler, who will be showing her well-known photographs of various skeleton characters just enjoying life after life.

The artists invite the public to enjoy the display, write a remembrance for the altar and celebrate the free event on October 24 from 6 to 8:30 pm with light refreshments, face-painting and festive music at 121 Main Street, Gloucester, MA, 978-283-3996.

Salem News Profiles Gloucester Blues Fest Performer who’s returning to Beverly on Saturday

Check out this insightful profile by Will Broaddus in today’s Salem News of blues star Victor Wainwright and soul star Eli “Paperboy” Reed, who are sharing the stage on Saturday with local blues icons Ricky King Russell and Parker Wheeler — right down the road at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre.

If you missed Victor Wainwright‘s rousing performance at the 2014 Gloucester Blues Festival (he got the first standing ovation of the day) you’ve got your chance to make up for that on Saturday — and if you did see him, you’re probably dying to experience the power of his music in an intimate, acoustically spectacular venue.  But don’t wait ’till the last minute.  Tickets are going fast.  Get them here.

Here are a couple of videos to get you psyched up for Saturday’s show:

Concrete Legend Dan Brown Doing Dan Brown Things- Making The Impossible happen!

2015-10-22 09.57.41

Dan Brown and his band of merry maniacs just put this concrete pour into a pretzel and spit out a masterpiece.

They said it couldn’t be done.  They said it was impossible.  Well, when all the other concrete guys run for the hills- enter Dan Brown.

Fearless- hard working- a concrete maestro. 

Just check out the challenges this foundation presented-

2015-10-22 09.58.082015-10-22 09.58.142015-10-22 09.59.40

From across the way and up on high on Wall Street In East Gloucester-


The project is a Geoffrey Richon Project

Nichole’s Picks 10/24 + 10/25

Pick #1  33rd Annual Essex ClamFest

Because it is New England, you can go from candy apple eating and cider drinking at the Rockport HarvestFest…right to ClamFest the very next weekend.  Life is good.


Check out the link below for all of the important information


The highlight of the day is the Chowder Competition among area restaurants- the prize? Bragging rights for the year!

Entrants’ chowder is judged by a panel of locals and professional Judges, as well as a Popular vote by the people sampling the chowders.

Supplementing the Chowder event, is a variety of vendors – food, local arts and crafts people , all day entertainment, children’s activities , non-profits fundraising and information and Police and Fire Department Safety activities.  The local Board of Health also runs a flu shop clinic on the grounds.

Pick #2  

Halloween Happenings at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary


Click HERE for full event details and to register!

At sundown this Halloween season, Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary will be transformed into a magical forest. Join us for a guided walk along our Halloween trail, home to some interesting creatures that come out just for Halloween. Glowing luminaries and carved jack o’lanterns will light our way. Learn firsthand about the creatures of the night on this fun family-friendly walk.

Pick #3  

Tide of Planktonstein at Maritime Gloucester

Head HERE for event details!  


Pick #4  

 Explore a Local Corn Maze

Both Connors Farm in Danvers and Marini Farm in Ipswich are home to some pretty cool corn mazes that are fun for groups of friends or families during the fall months.  Both locations, likewise, have many other fun activities too!





As always for a much more comprehensive list of family activities, please visit our friends at North Shore Kid.

Come Celebrate Cape Ann’s Success in 2015!

Cape Ann Community News-

Cape Ann Community

The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce invites the community to join in a celebration of the Cape Ann License Plate as well as a 2015 Tourism Mixer at the Rockport Art Association on Thursday, October 22. Also this weekend is the Essex ClamFest on Saturday and the start of Dine Out Cape Ann on Sunday.  See below for more details…

The License Plate Celebration & Fall Tourism Wrap-Up Mixer will be held at the Rockport Art Association on October 22 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.  Read below for more details…

Cape Ann Celebration

Essex ClamFest is this Saturday, October 24th. Please join us for a day of festivities including local vendors and a clam chowder competition! Click on the image below for more details.


This weekend, Sunday, October 25 is the start of Dine Out Cape Ann! Enjoy delicious Dine Out menus from restaurants throughout Cape Ann. Click on the image below for…

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