Laurellin Kruse MMoAA Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015 copyLaurelin with the 1968 Cardinal trailer that serves as the Mobile Museum of American Artifact’s home.

The Mobile Museum of American Artifacts curator Laurelin Kruse is looking for donations from Gloucester residents. She is most interested in objects of a personal nature that tell a story about the owner. Stop in tonight at the Lanesville Community where the museum will be open and Laurelin will be accepting donations.

Laeurelin writes, I’ll be at the Lanesville Community Center tonight during the Mayoral Debates and Thursday at the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market. Otherwise I can usually be found at the Rocky neck parking lot [on the causeway to Rocky Neck] or check my Instagram (name: theMMoAA ) for my whereabouts. 

On the 24th at 7pm I will have an on open studio in the Rocky Neck parking lot where I’ll show all the artifacts I’ve collected from Gloucester in a final exhibit inside the Mobile Museum and will discuss my process and experience here. 
Until then, I’m looking for objects from people in Gloucester with personal stories behind them. People can email me at to set up an appointment to donate their artifact. Or they can come find me during one of my scheduled outings. 
This is all thanks to the Goetemann Artist Residency at the Rocky Neck Art Colony. 
Thank you!!
MMoAA George Sibley Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015

For more information about the Mobile Museum of American Artifacts, see E.J.’s previous post here: MMoAA.

and visit their website here: MMoAA

“The Mobile Museum of American Artifacts (MMoAA) is a touring museum of personal objects and their histories. Housed in a small vintage trailer, MMoAA travels from town to town, conducting an “archeology of the present” that uncovers objects of significant (and insignificant) connection to everyday American life. MMoAA’s presence in a city sparks a sense of local pride and inspires people to look into their communities for what gives them and their hometown a sense of place.

MMoAA is an exploration in the everyday, the local—the lives we live and the places we inhabit—and sees the present tense on its way to becoming a story, a thing regarded, the rough draft of memory.”

MMoAA surf board wax balls Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015

Surfboard Wax Balls

MMoAA George Seine Field arrowheads ©Kim Smith 2015

Arrowheads from Seine Field


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