Lane’s Cove

September 1, 2015 Lane's Cove

3 thoughts on “Lane’s Cove

  1. Thanks Donna! For the walk back:-) This side that is down on break-wall is where dad moored up dory for one summer early 60’s…I fished from both sides but generally the side with flag had more room in those days to sit. High tide is up!. The grass was higher on the off cove side and sometimes Benny (Bless his soul) would fall into that when going to Sgt Art Jacobson, Art’s Sauna place to seek him out…Sgt Jacobson also looked out for everyone Neighborhood and especially Bennie had a special place and he would listen to him! Mom would give us a paper sack with coffee and donuts to bring to him he would always joke that his – didn’t have a hole and we would tell him those were the donut balls from the cut-out to make a hole. Put the donuts below them bottom of sack! 🙂 Young rascals that we were! :-O myself, older brother George, and younger brother Mike…My use to kid us too and call us My three sons.

    My Three Sons 23 seconds theme song 1960-1972 :-O

    Based on your photo you should be over on the landing by George Morey’s shack where the old wooden raft and stairwell down was. Lot’s of memories this way…The Sauna was the place to go to clear those head colds and pull the handle for more water on the rocks same kind Paul does his pictures on!

    🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


      1. I had some great teachers and people who meant what they said either good or bad! If you listen to those who walked the path ahead you can avoid many of the same mistakes they told you off and how they would deal with the situations now, and cost nothing but a little time and your ear’s both of them! What a great bunch of folks and honor to know them and learn from them!

        In the most typo’s and not the best in the sentence structure but memories are something you can always fall back on! The best houses that stood the test of time that way and storms (had a strong foundation and bit of good old New England wisdom listen and learn) Thanks! Dave:-) & Kim 🙂


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