“Hospital Bling”

AGHtags5845w.What better way to dress up my wrist than an admissions bracelet, Timex watch, blood bank ID, Lifeline, and a good old fashioned stab in the vein.

3 thoughts on ““Hospital Bling”

  1. Fred,

    We both are praying everything is ok that is an armful to carry…Sorry to hear this:-( Dave & Kim 😦

    “There were prophecies I remember, as a boy, saying we’re going to go through some bitter, bitter times. We’re going to shed some tears. But the time would come when we begin to see the light again. When spring would start coming again. Think of all the potential that you have. Think of the contributions you all can make. Think of the love in your hearts that you can share with other people. Be quick to forgive people (if they can hurt you in some way). Be like the old people…” “Winds of Change.” – Phil Lane, Sr.


  2. Fred, you make me smile finding humor in your “bling.” I can smile knowing are back home enjoying the company of your sister. I hope you are gaining strength and feeling better!


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