Storm Update- Trash Pickup Cancelled

Storm update

Snowstorm update

Monday trash pickup CANCELLED

Dear Friends:

I have just received word that Monday’s trash pickup has been CANCELLED.
Trash pickup will follow a holiday-week schedule and be delayed one day.
For further updates on the storm, please follow developments on the city website:

Parking ban

A reminder that the city’s parking ban remains in effect until 6 a.m. Tuesday. Cars may be parked in city and school lots until that time. Please remove your vehicles promptly so that the lots can be cleared. Vehicles impeding snow removal are subject to ticketing and towing at the owner’s expense.

CBS Grammy Awards Tonight! ~ Sam Smith Tom Petty Mashup

Looking forward to the Grammy Awards tonight!

Here’s an interesting mashup that shows why Tom Petty is now co-credited (and receiving royalties) for writing nominee Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.”

*    *    *

Brown Pelican Pesticide Ban Success Story and Why This is Relevant to Gloucester Lobstermen and Our Community

California Brown Pelican taking flight El Matador Beach ©Kim Smith 2015 copyBrown Pelican Taking Flight

When I was a young girl my family lived in Southern California for several years. I recall seeing few, if any, brown pelicans at our local beaches. Due to the widespread use of DDT in agriculture, brown pelicans on both the east and west coasts, along with other species of birds, were made nearly extinct. Pelicans incubate their eggs with the skin of their feet, essentially standing on the eggs to keep them warm. DDT caused thinning of the eggshells and when the pelican parents stood on the eggshells, the shells fractured and broke.California Brown Pelican preening ©Kim Smith 2015

Preening Pelicans ~ You can tell that these two are young pelicans because their eyes, usually brown, turn blue during courtship.

During the 1960s brown pelican colonies along the Southern California coast had shrunk by more than 90 percent. For decades, a chemical plant had been discharging thousands of pounds of DDT into Los Angeles sewers. The toxic chemical was ingested by anchovies and other fish consumed by pelicans. The chemical altered the pelican’s calcium metabolism, which caused them to lay eggs with thinner shells. DDT-caused shell thinning also exterminated peregrine falcons in the east, and took a terrible toll on bald eagles and ospreys.

El Matador Beach Brown Pelican habitat ©Kim Smith 2015. JPG

Insulation: After deep diving for fish, pelicans perch on rocks and preen. Pelicans feather’s keep them warm and dry; they do not actually get wet thanks to the oil in their preening gland. The glands secrete oily waxes and fats that they work into their feathers making them wind- and weatherproof, as well as providing insulation from the cold.

As a direct result of Rachel Carson’s seminal book Silent Spring, in 1972 DDT was banned nationwide. The brown pelican has recovered ground and was delisted from the federally endangered species in 2009. Unfortunately, after DDT was banned, two years later Monsanto brought to market their glyphosate herbicide Round Up.

El Matador Beach commorants ©kim Smith 2015

 Brown Pelican Habitat ~ El Matador State Beach

While visiting Liv and Matt, we spotted pelicans everywhere and it was absolutely wonderful to see. They are magnificent birds with an extraordinary life story. Here are several links to learn more about the California brown pelican:

About Pelicans, California Brown Pelicans

El Matador  Beach Pelican ©Kim Smith 2015

Today the lobster industry faces several major threats. Not only are the lobsters stressed from warming ocean waters and a protozoan parasite, but several pesticides used in massive mosquito spraying, including methoprene, malathion, and remethrin are linked to contributing to the collapse of the lobster fishery in the waters off Connecticut and New York. Lobsters are arthropods, which places them in the same phylum classification as mosquitoes and may help explain why they are affected. Lobster landings on Long Island Sound are of particular concern as they have declined from 3.7 million pounds in 1999 to 142,000 pounds in 2011.

Bearing in mind that worse chemicals are often used after specific chemicals are banned, the Maine Lobsterman’s Association is somewhat reluctant at this point to endorse banning specific pesticides until more comprehensive testing is done.

Gloucester lobsterman follow strict conservation guidelines. It would be very interesting to learn what they consider are the reason(s) for the declining population of lobsters in fisheries further south.

El Matador Beach ©Kim Smith 2015El Matador Beach

Overkill: Why Pesticide Spraying for West Nile Virus May Cause More Harm Than Good

Silent Spring


Snow emergency

Parking ban begins at 8 tonight; schools closed; trash pickup cancelled*



Chief Campanello writes:

Below you will find important information from the City of Gloucester regarding the upcoming storm. This storm has changed direction and speed several times over the last few hours and we are doing the best we can to keep up with the changes, keeping in mind the publics safety always comes first. Thank you for your understanding and patience during what has been a really trying three weeks worth of storms. We are here for you and your public safety needs 24/7 and will continue to be. We appreciate all of your cooperation and your efforts to assist with moving your vehicles, clearing sidewalks, and helping your neighbors. Please continue to do so while we deal with this series of storms. Thanks so much. Here’s the latest:

Effective at 8:00 pm on Sunday, February 8, 2015, the city has declared a snow emergency and parking ban on all city streets due to the snow storm.

From 8:00 pm on Sunday, February 8th, until 6am on Tuesday, February 10th, all vehicles are banned from parking on city streets.

Violators of this emergency declaration are subject to ticketing and towing at the owners expense. Residents may park in all municipal and school parking lots during the parking ban. Please be aware that due to the unpredictability of this storm, adjustments to the snow emergency and parking ban may be made.

All residents are reminded they are responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks adjacent to their property. Your cooperation during this parking ban is necessary for efficient and safe snow removal efforts. Please make every effort to shovel out hydrants at or near your homes.

Please make every effort to check on your elderly neighbors.

Gloucester Public Schools will be closed Monday February 9th, 2015.

*Update: Trash collection is on a holiday schedule and will be picked up one day later than normal.


Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police

City of Gloucester, MA

Valentine’s Pop-up Coming to East Gloucester Next Weekend


 Hi Joey,

I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know about an event I’m hosting with another local business on Friday night and all day Saturday.
My name is Lyndsay and I make terrariums and other potted items, which I call lynzariums. I sell these to a lot of local businesses, Lula’s Pantry in Rockport, Willow Rest in Gloucester, have a booth at the Cape Ann Farmers Market during the season and do outdoor plantings for The Market in Annisquam every year. Last month I opened a planting studio in East Gloucester across from Beacon Marine, 186 East Main Street (Ken Gore’s art studio).
My friend Jocelyn Pierce of Mayflour Confections will be joining me at the event, she has a commercial kitchen in Rockport and makes custom cakes and desserts for weddings and events.
We will be hosting a pop up shop for Valentine’s Day, serving refreshments and selling terrariums, potted plants and succulents, cupcakes and a few other sweets. I’ve attached what we have been using on social media. I would love if you could help us spread the good word- and if you’re around, please stop in and say hello!
All the best,
Lyndsay and Jocelyn


Another Tool in Your Safety Locker

StabilIcers5575wm StabilIcers5578wm

Stabilicers were recommended to me by Deb Callahan, one of our City’s parking enforcement officers, who was formerly a letter carrier for the USPS. I ordered them from Campmor for $45 (LL Bean: $60). My StabiIcers have been solid from day one. They strap onto your boot or shoe in one minute, and come off in 20 seconds. 

The teeth of the Stabilicers are screw-in and replaceable. Unlike spikes, like I have on my cane, they won’t chew up your rug, but I wouldn’t leave them on for long, and pick your feet up.


Not to Be Missed: Frankenstein at the Writer’s Club!

One of my husband’s all time favorite books, I think he has already purchased tickets to the event!

Written by Mary Shelley (1797-1851) in 1818, when she was only 21, the story of why Frankenstein was written is nearly as interesting as is the novel. While traveling in Switzerland, Mary and her companions, Lord Byron, John Polidori, and lover Percy Shelley, decided to have a competition to see who could write the most frightening horror story. Mary dreamt about a scientist who created life and was horrified by what he had made; her dream later became the story within the novel.