GloucesterCast 117 Taped 2/16/15 With Guests Nichole Schrafft, Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro


GloucesterCast 117 Taped 2/16/15 With Guests Nichole Schrafft, Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: Coping Strategies For Winter Depression or How To Avoid Committing Suicide When You Hear That There May Be Two More Storms This Week, GMG Snow Shoveler Project, The Outrage Over The MBTA Head, Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament Is On!, Sherman Morss Coyote Pack Photos On Eastern Point, Lawmakers Ruining The American Way- The Movement To Ban Sledding and Yoga Pants, Pinoli Reverts To Alchemy, Foreign Affairs Has Reopened, Duckworth’s For Valentine’s Day, Poll- When With The Stage Fort Snow Farm Be Gone?, Freedom Boat Club, Kudos To Mike Hale and The Gloucester DPW, Smart TVs Ditching Traditional Cable, Kim Smith Amaretto Truffles


Joey, Nichole, Donna podcast ©Kim Smith 2015 (1)

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Last word from the most important voice in modern journalism

“The ability to do journalism, to reach audiences, has never been better. I like your odds. I do,” David Carr said, while giving the 2014 commencement address at the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism. Credit Kevin Hume

You may have heard that New York Times columnist and best-selling author, David Carr, died on Thursday (see story here).  His New York Times column The Media Equation was a must read for everyone involved in media (all FOB’s included) and I can honestly say it was one of the only reasons I looked forward Mondays.

Today, the NY Times published an excellent story about David Carr, full of enough wonderful and witty quotes that it has the feeling of being co-written by him.

The story focuses on his teaching at B.U. and even links to the syllabus, which the article says is “… perhaps David’s most succinct prescription for how to thrive in the digital age.”

I highly recommend this article (read it here) especially if you’re snow-bound and looking for something fascinating to entertain you.

Kids Eat Free…and the Beer is Good Too

I love when restaurants offer great deals like this….especially during a school vacation week!

Cape Ann Brewing Company wrote this on their Facebook page today:

Happy Presidents Day! Remember Monday through Thursday kids eat free 11 – 4 (1 Kid per adult!). Bring the little guys in and we can lavish them with stories of walking 5 miles to school, up hill, in cardboard shoes and no World Wide Web.

I, for one, plan on taking advantage of this awesome deal at least once this week!

NEED SHOVELERS!!!Attention Snow Shovelers Looking For Work & People In Need Of Shovelers

Update 3:31PM Jack & Colby Kelly ages 11 and 13 Restore My Faith In The Youth Of America!

Jack and Colby came by right at the time they said they would and have been shoveling away!

If anyone else has been helped by the service provided, please leave a comment below.


UPDATE 11:48AM For Those Who Have Responded, Let me know if you haven’t been contacted, more shovelers are now becoming available. I’ll send out more contacts if you haven’t been contacted.

So far so good!

UPDATE 5:41AM:  So far we’ve had a ton of people respond that they need shoveling and only two Gloucester folks and no Rockport or Magnolia people looking to shovel.

I’m thinking there’s plenty of money to be made, a couple of young teens could probably make enough to buy an XBOX.  C’mon youth of Gloucester, show me you’re willing to work.  Fill in the form, there’s plenty of folks that would gladly fork over some dough.

I’m gonna try something here.  Not sure if it’s going to work out but I’m going to give it a shot.

Here’s the idea-

With the impending snow storm there’s got to be a lot of folks at the end of their rope as far as shoveling goes.

Me being one of them.

But I imagine there’s lots of teens that will be out of school and able to shovel.   When I was a kid, that’s what kids did.  We shoveled and were rewarded with money.

My buddies and I would roam the neighborhood looking for folks that wanted to be shoveled out.

I’m not hiring kids and not going to negotiate prices but I’ll leave a form here for people interested in shoveling and for folks interested in getting people to them to shovel out their joint.

Then I’ll relay the contact information based on neighborhoods to the shovelers, they can contact the people that want to be shoveled,  y’all can talk and potentially work something out.

I don’t know if this is a great idea or not but I know people are desperate and desperate times call for people trying to connect the dots.  Right now there doesn’t seem to be much dot connecting. Hopefully teens or people looking for some extra pocket money can get out of the house and help some elders who could use it.

If Interested Fill Out This Form and Select Shoveler Or Need To Be Shoveled –

Again, I am not taking responsibility for the job anyone does or doesn’t do, I’m not taking responsibility for back injuries or if your kid gets run over.  I’m merely trying to help people help people.  I have nothing to gain from this.


So Far, Respondents:

Available To Shovel-


Newburyport, Salisbury,Newbury,West Newbury



Need Shoveling Areas Responding-

Back Shore, Atlantic & Farrington

Pigeon Cove, Rockport several

Prospect Sq. Gloucester

Neighborhood: Near Our Lady of Good Voyage, several

Neighborhood: Lanesville


Fireball Hot Toddy



Fireball  Hot Toddy

Today’s bitter cold temperatures are chilling to the bone…warm up the body from the inside out with a FireBall Hot Toddy!


Fireball Hot Toddy


1 cup Hot black tea

1 tablespoon local honey (Sold locally at Common Crow)

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

1 shot Fireball Cinnamon Whisky


1 combine all ingredients

2 mix well

3 consume imediately

* Note~This is an adult beverage recommended for 21+ years of age

Community Stuff 2/16/15

Rockport Senior Center

Red Sox vs. Washington Nationals at Fenway Park                                   Wednesday, April 15th, we will depart at 11:30AM for Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play the Washington Nationals. The game begins at 1:35PM. Please sign up early as all tickets have to be paid for in advance. The cost is $65.00, which includes transportation, game ticket and a $10.00 credit towards an item of your choice at the concession. This does not include the driver’s tip. Tickets must be purchased by March 13th. 

Twin Rivers Casino                                                                                   Wednesday, May 6th we will leave for Twin Rivers Casino at 9:30AM for an afternoon of fun and excitement. Cost is $28.00 which includes $10.00 in free play and a $7.00 food credit and deluxe motor coach transportation. The drivers tip is not included. We will leave the casino at 5:30PM.

Registration for these trips are on Tuesdays, 1:30-3PM and Thursdays, 9:30-11AM. Call  Paula, 978-546-2573 for more information.