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Join award winning By the Sea Sotheby’s International Realty agents Kenny MacCarthy, Sue and Bob McDermott for a ride around Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester and Beverly to see their favorite homes.

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Gloucester Police Arrest Man in Connection with Early Morning Shooting

Gloucester Police Arrest Man in Connection with Early Morning Shooting

GLOUCESTER — Police Chief Leonard Campanello reports that the Gloucester Police Department arrested a man in connection with a shooting that occurred early this morning.

Police responded to the area of St. Peter’s Square on Rogers Street at about 12:30 a.m. Saturday for a report of a person shot. Upon arrival, police located a 29-year-old male who had been shot at least one time in the leg area. He was transported to Beverly Hospital with injuries that are not considered life-threatening. His name is not being released.

A Gloucester Police Department investigation indicates that the victim works as a bouncer at a local bar/restaurant. The victim had kicked a man in his 50s out of the establishment late Friday evening, and the man had allegedly come back with a gun and shot the victim.

Police were given a partial plate for the suspect’s vehicle, and a description of a silver Mercades-Benz.

Gloucester Police notified area law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for such a vehicle.

A short time later, an Essex County Sheriff’s Deputy, working a snow removal detail, radioed that he was in pursuit of a vehicle that matched the description given over the radio.

Multiple Gloucester Police units responded, and the vehicle was quickly stopped.

The driver, JAMES HEWSON, AGE 57, OF BEVERLY, was arrested after the brief pursuit.

HEWSON was charged with:

• Armed Assault with Intent to Murder

• Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (Firearm)

• Discharging a Firearm within 500 Feet of a Building

HEWSON is being held on $500,000 bail pending his arraignment on Monday in Gloucester District Court.

State Troopers assigned to Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett also responded to the scene.

“Well-established partnerships with our fellow law enforcement agencies, combined with a quick response and aggressive investigation by Gloucester Police officers resulted in the arrest of a dangerous felon this morning,” Chief Campanello said. “I would like to thank the Essex Sheriff’s Department for their deputy’s assistance this morning. This was a dangerous situation, handled professionally all around.”

These are allegations. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Beautiful Music from Dwight and Nicole at the Shalin Liu!

Dwight_&_Nicole-press_high_textI think I’m in love with Dwight and Nicole, the opening duo for Mavis Staples. Their music is exquisite, and wonderfully fun, too. Here’s a link to their website: Dwight and Nicole.

My favorite of the favorites is “Wish I only Knew,” which I just downloaded from iTunes. Take a behind the scenes look at their new album, Shine On, in an interview with Steve Morse.

About Dwight and Nicole, from their website:

Dwight & Nicole, an American roots band formed by recording artists Dwight Ritcher and Nicole Nelson are set to release their sophomore LP, the aptly titled Shine On, on April 22, 2014. An inspiring mashup of folk, blues, pop, jazz, gospel and reggae, the album can’t be categorized easily, but that’s fine. “I don’t like to be categorized…because I’m changing all the time. And in every moment, I’m a little bit different. And as I am feeling things, what I want to express becomes different. And I think our fans appreciate that honesty,” says Nelson.

Recorded at Milt Reder’s Rear Window Studio in Boston, Shine On was heavily funded by Dwight & Nicole’s devoted fans via music-centric crowd-sourcing site, The album is a culmination of an exciting couple of years that saw Nelson appear on NBC’s hit talent show, The Voice; chart a stirring rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at #24 on iTunes; and win a Boston Music Award for “Female Vocalist of The Year.” The duo’s recent momentum also landed them on Boston Globe’s “25 Most Stylish of the Year” list, found them playing major festivals and performing at storied Fenway Park. Read More Here


Mitch’s At DogBar On Thursday’s. Please Show Your Support

The House of Mitch, one of the oldest continually operating bar / restaurant in Gloucester was purchased by Shaun Murphy and Steve Bertilino in late January of this year. On February 15, after the third major snowstorm in three weeks, the roof gave way, and the establishment will be closed for at least a month while structural repairs are made.

Until the necessary repairs are made, and they get the green light to open, Dog Bar will be hosting "Mitch’s at Dog Bar" on Thursdays from 2pm until closing. Steve and Shaun will be taking over the bar, and we will be featuring many of the items off of Mitch’s menu, which, as many locals will tell you, has one of the best lunches in Gloucester.

On Thursday nights, will be hosting some of the bands and DJ’s that have played at Mitch’s over the past 30 years.

Please join us for Mitch’s Thursdays and help support a couple of great guys and a Gloucester institution.


Rockin steady in Rockport with Mavis Staples and her fabulously talented backup trio, the Rick Holmstrom Band.


This was a show not to be missed and according to several of the production team members, was one of the best they’ve ever produced at the Shalin Liu. I couldn’t agree more! Rick Holmstrom on guitar, Jeff Turmes, on bass, and Stephen Hodges on drums. Bring back Mavis and the Rick Holmstrom Band-an extraordinary group of talented musicians.



You can see Mavis, along with her father Pop Staples and siblings, the Staple Singers, come in at around one minute. The song was included in the film The Last Waltz (directed by Martin Scorsese), a documentary about The Band’s last concert.



At Dawn

Several days ago, our good friend Len Burgess posted the latest in his ongoing, seasonal Ice Crystal series. I love these photos; they both please the eye and incite the imagination.

Here is a re-post of Len’s photos and a short poem that I’ve composed that tries to capture what I saw when I looked at the images.

icecrystalsunrise_0285 icecrystal2-14-15_0282

At Dawn

At dawn we walk through a forest of frozen firs,

their branches dipping to snag our hats and drip

ice down our backs and send chills to our toes,

with snow underfoot and shadowy woods ahead.


But the young sun’s glow gives a sweet caress

and promises us shelter as we trudge through

this strange, mysterious and glorious world

of shadow and light, of biting cold and loving warmth.


Marty Luster


Ice sculpture? From Jim Clyde

Hey Joey!

A friend of mine from East Gloucester sent me this “ice sculpture” hanging off a tree in her neighborhood…. Formed by water dripping onto windswept twigs… fascinating!

I see two goblins (or ghaists, as the Scots would say), flying through the air?

What do you see?

Jim Clyde


East Gloucester Vikings Youth Softball Photo From the 70’s


East Glouceseter Vikings Youth Softball

Cousins Joe & Mary Marcantonio Submit Photo

Were currently working on list of name! Can you find Sista Felicia in the photo? A small hint …The wearing jewelry…

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena Hysterical. I see some familiar faces! Love it!!!

Bob Scola Tag them

Julie Davis Broe Tamie Rodolosi – is that you top row on the left?

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan OMG! Love that photo!

Debbi Dobson Biondo Beth?

Cindy Greely Beck Love all of the Farrah Faucette hairdos!

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena I hope you tagged all these people joe.

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena Look at Lisa Olson

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena Sandy Muniz

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena Marybeth morrissey

Gulzat Dalton Heather, are you on the left? Your daughter look just like you!

Marybeth morrissey

Gulzat Dalton Heather, are you on the left? Your daughter look just like you!

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena I think I see one of the powers.

Rosalee Nicastro Felicia, Is your daughter in is picture?

Anya Ciarametaro Auntie Mary… That hairstyle is really doin’ it for you. I think you should consider bringing it back.

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Rosalee Nicastro I’m in the back row 4th on in from the left side!

Theresa M. Testaverde Big hair Mary Testaverde. …lol :)))

Beth Bertolino Aylmer Oh sweet angel of death! Take me now! In my defense, I cut my hair to look like Lady Di and didn’t realize it was so curly.

Beth Bertolino Aylmer Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan just tell Rosalee that you are the one next to Will Farrell. Poor Beth

Mary Hubbard Rooney I think we need to take that show back on the road!!!!

Carolyn Hunt-cribbs We can wear purple and Red:)

Ella Comeau Lewis awesome Heather is 3rd from left and Phyllis Ann is behind her. All these great East Gloucester faces

Ella Comeau Lewis oops Phyllis Ann is second from right in the last row

Ella Comeau Lewis Is that Mary Testaverde on the right end? Everyone has lots and lots of hair

Phyllis-Ann Bourassa Beth Beth Bertolino Aylmer, when did you have short hair??

Beth Bertolino Aylmer Phyllis-Ann Bourassa 5th-beginning of 7th. My Will Farrell stage. wink emoticon

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Kim Arntsen…is next to me

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Carl Mckay-Stratton…That’s your sister on the end in the back row right?

21 mins · Like · 1

Mary Marcantonio Yes Ella it’s me, this is what happens when I show my husband an old photo!! No more pics for him,lol!

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Nikki Parisi middle row on left!

Mary Marcantonio Yes I know a lot of the girls but can’t remember them all!

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Love it Mary Marcantonio…If I remember correctly I caught 2 balls that year one to get us into the championship and the one that won the championship game…both with eyes closed and head turned away from the ball…That’s why Leann Kennedy put me way out in right field!

Mary Marcantonio Yep!! The good old days!!!


2015 Cape Ann Skating Club Winter Sessions

Hi Joey,

Registration for our Ice Skating Winter Session is now open at the Cape Ann Skating Club. Hockey & Figure Skating Skills badge program taught by professional skating coaches for Boys, Girls, Adults of all ages and Tiny Tots (2 1/2 & up) are invited to join in the skating fun! Check out our ON-ICE PARTY PROGRAM! Have your Birthday Party or any other party with us on Saturdays at 1 pm. We even do “Frozen” themed parties! Come join the skating Fun!

Call: 978-546-2290 for more information regarding our skating programs or to schedule private lessons.

For more information regarding Cape Ann Skating please visit:



Gloucester Little League 2015 Evaluation Dates Are Set !!

GLL Evaluation Dates Are Set !!

WHEN: Sunday March 1st & Sunday March 8th

TIME: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM (Sign In starts at 12:30 PM)

WHERE: GHS Fieldhouse

Evaluations are for all players that are “League Age” 9-12 years old (Majors A & B Divisions). It is also for any “League Age” 8 year old players that would like the possible opportunity to play in our Majors B Division, should we need any 8 year old players to round out the teams. Not all evaluated “League Age” 8 year olds will be placed on Major B teams. Only the amount of needed players will play up in the Majors B Division. If you are a “League Age” 8 year old you do not have to be evaluated if you choose to play in our Coach Pitch program. See the attached 2015 League Age Chart to determine your players “League Age”. All 8 year olds that want to be evaluated as well new players to the league will have to present a copy of their birth certificate at the evaluations.


The Evening News, 1862

President Lincoln at Antietam with Allan Pinkerton, Brian Williams, and Major General John Alexander, 1862. I’m an admirer of Brian Williams’ work. When I was in the nursing home a year ago, my roommate and and I would spontaneously say every evening: “It’s Brian time!” It was oBrianWilliamsne of the small joys of life in a difficult situation, which I’ll never forget. Good luck Brian, I miss you and know you’ll be reporting to us again soon.

Not So Local Favs

A few weeks ago I took a short trip to New Orleans with some friends.  As tempting as it is to share some more “colorful” photos with you all…I think I’ll stick to the food.

Honestly, I didn’t take many photos while there, but while in and out of different local grocery stores and shops, some of the local favorite foods gave me a good chuckle.

I was ready for the crawfish, the Louisiana Shrimp, the Cafe au Lait, and the incredibly yummy beignets (heaven) BUT I wasn’t as prepared for the frog legs, the armadillo eggs, and the turduchen sausages.

So, I got to thinking.  When people visit Cape Ann, what would they find that would surprise them in regards to our local fare?

Thoughts?  I’d love to hear.