Introducing Sound Harbor

A tremendous music education initiative is coming to Gloucester. The collaboration is new, but the founding musicians are familiar to many and they include Renee Dupuis, Steve Lacey, and Charlee Bianchini. We are so excited for Sound Harbor (terrific name btw!) and wish them the greatest success.

Renee write _

We have an open house event next Saturday (February 7th) and it will be a meet and greet for the organization.  We will be releasing our winter workshop schedule very soon, so a post about the event with a “keep an eye out for upcoming music workshops” would be amazing!

I’ve attached a poster for the event.  Here are the details:
Date: February 7th
Time: 2:30 – 4:30 pm
Location: The Hive, 11 Pleasant Street Gloucester, MA
About Sound Harbor:

Sound Harbor is pleased to announce the beginning of a brand new community initiative to provide exceptional music education for the next generation of eager learners.  Sound Harbor has assembled a dynamic group of talented music instructors to cultivate a passion for all that music has to offer.  Students will learn basic skills to kick off their journey. Teachers will mentor students to build confidence in their musical abilities that will last a lifetime. Our Mission:

To harbor a collaborative environment which fosters musical resources to support mentor-ship and learning.Joe Cardo

Have a great weekend!



Meet Sound Harbor 2.7.15


In the last week, the City of Gloucester has seen a historic amount of snow. Fifty-two inches have fallen on the City in a short period of time.

Over the past week, City employees have logged hours of time over and above their normal work week, plowed 175 miles of roadways, and dropped an estimated 2,000 tons of salt on the roads. The Department of Public Works, the Police, and Fire Departments deserve significant credit for their hard work and we thank them for it.

As a result, I am pleased to report the City of Gloucester was only majorly impacted for a short period of time and is continuing to deliver the usual and necessary services that its citizens rely upon.

State Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante and State Senator Bruce Tarr have provided invaluable support to our City. They have assisted us in contacting a number of departments and agencies within state government and continue to work with them on our behalf.

While we have made progress in snow removal and getting the City up and running, there is much work left to be done. In the coming days, the City will continue its efforts to widen roadways, remove snow, open schools, and deliver important services.

Your patience and cooperation during this time is critically important. I would urge all citizens to consider the following:

• Be courteous to each other and help one another out.
• Be cautious and drive slowly.
• Help alleviate traffic around the schools by carpooling whenever possible.
• Watch for pedestrians and children when you are driving.
• Be careful when shoveling snow and try to avoid injury.
• Be safe.

As always, public safety remains the City’s top priority. It is critically important that all emergency vehicles be able to access all roadways. Please help them out by not shoveling snow into the roadways as that may cause the roads to become difficult to pass.

Remember, your City government is here to serve you. I welcome any questions or concerns that you may have. Should you need to contact me or any city department, please visit us at the City

Thank you.
Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken

The Road to the Show

You all know where this year’s Vince Lombardi Trophy is going to reside.  But, do you know where it came from…or how it was made?


If you’re not so sure and have ever wondered….here you go.

Some simple facts first:

  • The trophy stands at 22 inches tall and weighs about 7 pounds.
  • It takes about 4 months to craft the beautiful trophy at Tiffany and Co.
  • Tiffany and Co. has been making the Vince Lombardi Trophy since the first Super Bowl.
  • The football on the trophy is regulation size (a fully inflated one at that).

The Making of the Vince Lombardi Trophy

Tiffany and Co. Sports Trophies