GloucesterCast 111 Mayor Kirk Talks About Her Intention To Resign, Highlights and Lowlights of Her Tenure


GloucesterCast 111 Mayor Kirk Talks About Her Intention To Resign, Highlights and Lowlights of Her Tenure

We speak about Mayor Kirk’s intention to resign, a lot of the positive things that she has accomplished, what events led to the process of considering her resignation, West Parish School, St Ann’s, The Turbines, Fundraising, The Campaigns, Other Jobs That She Was Pursuing Before Potentially Resigning, The Baker Position and What It Entails, The Dynamics Behind How The Baker Offer Came To Be, How Martha Coakley Messed Up and Baker Got Her Endorsement Even Though She Is A Registered Democrat, Her Ten Questions For Each Candidate, Jay Ash, Putting In A Transition Team In Place, Some Examples Of The Types Of Things She Will Be Doing As Deputy Secretary Of Housing and Economic Development, What are Gateway Cities?, The State Is Driven By Jobs and Payroll Tax vs Cities and Towns Being Driven By Real Estate Tax, Her First Mayoral Campaign and What it Was Like In Her House The Night She Won For The First Time, “The Outsiders”, Betsy Works, Ally O’Connor, Yoshi Campbell, Stepping In To Protect Children, The Fire and Police Chief Hires, Memorial Day Event Controversy, Staying True To Your Convictions, The Rainbow Flag Controversy, My Apology To Sean Horgan, The Times Excellent Coverage Of The Resignation, The Appreciation For Her Support.



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Home Video- VHS Footage From When Mayor Kirk Realized She Won Her First Mayoral Election In 2007

The precinct that is shown being reported in the video is the one that put Mayor Kirk over the top when she realized she had won.  The piece of paper she tore up was her “I lost” speech.  (Thanks Mayor Kirk for providing the video to GMG)

4 thoughts on “GloucesterCast 111 Mayor Kirk Talks About Her Intention To Resign, Highlights and Lowlights of Her Tenure

  1. Tremendous Interview by Joey and one of the best podcasts to date!!!

    It was great to learn about Mayor Kirk’s decision making process in resigning and all about her new role in the Baker administration. Her steadfast positivity and courageous spirit is greatly admired. Thank you to Mayor Kirk for the seven phenomenal years of outstanding accomplishments, hard work, positive vision, and tireless dedication she has given to the city of Gloucester and all her citizens. Thank you to her husband Bill and family for their participation and sacrifices as well.

    Our family wishes Carolyn the very, very best in her new role as Deputy Secretary of Housing and Development for the state of Massachusetts. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Being an Elected official is always hard and you may never win a popularity contest, but that’s not why you serve, and your service as the voice of those who you represent which will always have pro-con and then you just face it head-on! Mark Twain said “You never have to remember anything when you tell the truth.” Very good podcast and very straight forward and – go where your heart and spirit guides you. The investigations process always needs integrity especially when you are dealing with child welfare who are looking to adults to be the guiding light. Change will always cause some heartburn burning a candle at both ends always has a burnout rate in the middle.

    A little word of wisdom here. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” -Confucius

    Thank You very interesting and respect is one of those two-ways streets never intended to be one way only we all learn from each other that’s what makes life fun challenges and all!

    Dave:-) & Kim:-)


  3. Thanks to Joey, Mayor Kirk, and the gang for a wonderful and meaningful interview that highlighted the thoughtfulness and solidity of our outgoing mayor (best of luck to you, Caroline) and the skills and service that Joey and GMG provide to all of us.
    Happy New Year, everyone.


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