Captain Joe and Grandma Felicia’s Wedding June 11, 1938


Thank you to the person who brought this down the dock for me.  Sorry I didn’t get your name.

Ron Gilson writes in-

Good morning Joey:

Over the years I have refrained from commenting on various interesting community posts on your blog.  Who’s interested in an old man’s perspective?

However, today’s wedding story on your blog represents not only a detailed account of a  prominent Italian commuity wedding, but more importantly, to me, it is a detailed slice of our all important fishing community history.

In 1938, all the up and coming leaders of the Italian community fishing fleet were listed as principals in this wedding.  They were the future players about to write Gloucester fishing history.  The Curcuru’s, Ciaramitaro’s, Branceleone’s, Strescino’s, D’Amico’s, Calamo’s, Novello’s, Orlando’s, to name a few, were all in attendance.  It was a wedding spectacular!  

Ten years later, Capt. Joe Ciaramitaro, in his highligher Benjamin C., would lead the fleet in the redfishing game, along with Capt. Sam Nicastro in his F/V Felicia; Capt. Chris Cecilio in his F/V Mary and Josephine; Capt. Rico Strescino in his family owned F/V Balilla and later in the  Boston vessel Agatha and Patricia; the Brancaleone brothers in their family vessels Joseph & Lucia and St. Victoria; the Novello’s in their new Bonaventure and the Calomo and D’Amico families in their highline seiner, Ida & Joseph.

These Italian vessels and their crews and many others played a major role in the prominence of Gloucester’s fishing production in that era.  It will never happen again, and this wave of Italian-American immigrants should never be forgotten.  It was an unforgettable time in our city’s history!

Ron Gilson

15 thoughts on “Captain Joe and Grandma Felicia’s Wedding June 11, 1938

  1. You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked it. I just happened across the article doing some other research and I knew there was a pretty good chance these were “your people”.


      1. This is a treasure not only for your family, but also for the history of Gloucester. My husband and I were honored to know a number of the Great Captains of the Fishing Fleet and to be their friends. They welcomed us in their homes and aboard their ships. I have many photos to remember them by and to enjoy. Thank you for sharing, Joey .


  2. I am Mary Ciaramitaro’s niece. My Mother was Margaret Vegliano Ragusa, Mary’s sister I do geneology and want to know Your Capt Carlo’s wife’s name. Mary married a Capt Carlo. she passed away abt 2 yrears in Dec. I remember Felicia so well. such a good natured Lady and always jolly. Good friends of my Dad. I went to a Girl’s Scout dance with her son Libby 100 years ago! Nice kid. I grew up in the fort and moved to Amesbury after we married but our heart is still in Gloucester. My cousin Rosie Ciaramitaro Ciulla lives there and her kids and we visit family . thanks Joe



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