Visiting Liv in Brooklyn: Gardens at the HighLine, Battery Park, and The Bosque

Liv Hauck ©Kim Smith 2013Snapshots from a recent trip to Brooklyn and NYC to visit my darling daughter Liv.

We had a wonderful time walking everywhere and dining out. Liv always takes me to the most fun restaurants with fabulously yummy food, and they are never too pricey; the prices are comparable to our favorite Gloucester restaurants.

Native Honeysuckle Lonicera sempervirens High Line NYC ©Kim Smith 2013 copyNative Honeysuckle for the Hummingbirds at the HighLine

For our HarborWalk Gardens, I had wanted to to see what’s in bloom at the HighLine gardens during the late summer and early fall, as well as what was blooming at Piet Oudolf’s designs for the Battery Gardens of Remembrance and The Bosque.

Harlequin Glorybower Clerodendrum trichotomum  ©Kim Smith 2013At the HighLine, we paused for some length at the stunning grove of Japanese Clerodendrum (Clerodendrum trichotomum); whose one of several common names befits it’s great beauty–Harlequin Glorybower Tree. The stop-dead-in-your-tracks-deliciously-fragrant blossoms float atop a canopy of  fluttering leaves. The blooms are similar looking to jasmine flowers, but are even more sweetly scented. A magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds, the tree blooms at a time of year when much of the rest of the garden is winding down. The glorious glorybower is on my wish list for next year and, as it is just barely hardy through zone 6, I’ll find a sheltered and protected spot in which to experiment.

The Bosque Spiral Fountain ©KIm Smith 2013The Spiral Fountain at The Bosque (Spanish for a “grove of trees”), with the Statue of Liberty in the background, Battery Park Park, New York City.

Liv Hauck -1©Kim Smith 2013jpg copy

A grove of Magnolia viginiana at the HighLine

18 thoughts on “Visiting Liv in Brooklyn: Gardens at the HighLine, Battery Park, and The Bosque

  1. I had no idea what Bosque was, so:” This article is about the riverland gallery forests. For the scientific journal, see BOSQUE. For formally planted grove of trees in gardening, see bouquet. Bosque is the name for areas of gallery forest found along the riparian flood plains of stream and river banks in the southwestern United States. It derives its name from the Spanish word for woodlands.”
    What about gallery forests? Clueless, but “Gallery forests are forests that form as corridors along rivers or wetlands and project into landscapes that are otherwise only sparsely treed such as savannas, grasslands or deserts.” Thank you Wiki


    1. In case you are wondering Fred, the tress planted throughout The Bosque are, for the most part, London Plane trees (Platanus x acerifolia), which are a hybrid cross between American Sycamores and Oriental Plane trees. They have beautiful exfoliating bark and leaves that look very much like maple leaves. The trees are widely planted in urban areas because they have a high tolerance for air pollution and for root compaction.


  2. Hi Kim ,
    Great to see you at the Old Paint Factory /OceN Alliance today . What awesome views .
    Your daughter is so beautiful . She does look like you .
    The play I was talking about is “The Trip to Bountiful” with Cecily Tyson.
    Alice Gardner


    1. Yes, beautiful views and Rebecca was really sweet and helpful. Thank you Alice for organizing the event. Thank you also re my daughter–my kids are the loves of my life! Okay i will check into the play. Lots more trips ahead to visit Liv.


  3. Wow what a place:-)
    Lisa Fred & Kim nice background here is a place I have been too in the younger days…The native tradition is to bury the placenta in the birth place always drawing you home and balance. Thanks for the wisdom! 

    We also must realize that what we have today is the result of what was created in the past by those we follow and our children who will look to us for guidance, mentorship follow us, direction-example (is it solid)! The greatest weakness today is we have forgotten how to listen and truly feel what is said. We have in-fact continually closed our ears to other voices, which drives our actions and reactions and that only divides, keeps us from moving forward to true learning that is transforming. It changes us and our actions & reactions. With this type of learning it can and often does change us and it can determine life choices.


      1. Thank you but it’s the influences that mold us throught the circle of life even the tough times! Chalk it up to foundation much of it there in Cape Ann MA and traveled with me through life – family, friends, fisherman-Lobsterman the hardy bunch tell it like it is… Gloucester Police Sgt Art Jacobson Gloucester Ma owned the Sauna at the bottom of Higgins Hill close to lanes cove and a retired Boston Sgt who lost his wife and who loved kids (mentor)


  4. Hi Kim–It’s wonderful that you live close enough to be able to spend time with Liv and see so many wonderful things with each visit. I always enjoy your posts, including those with your children! Beautiful photos!


    1. Thank you Ann and wonderful to hear from you. I know that I am very, very, very blessed that she lives close enough that we can visit often.

      It must be very challenging for you and Dani. My own Mom lives in FLA and my best friends all across the country. I miss them often and wish so much there wasn’t so much distance between us all.

      Did you have many, or any, Monarchs this summer?


  5. “The stop-dead-in-your-tracks-deliciously-fragrant blossoms float atop a canopy of fluttering leaves.” You bring us right along! thanks, Kim.


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