And the Winners Were . . .

2013 bloody mary competition mug up

Everyone who came, participated, judged, watched, ate, drank, brought things to share and enjoyed themselves. 

It was an extremely well attended and fun Mug Up and Bloody Mary Competition.  The not so sober judges had a very difficult time deciding on the three award winners:  First Place – Rebecca Border (entered as the Gloucester Quilter), Second Place – Deb VonRosenvinge and Third Place – Jerry Olson.  The People’s Choice Award winners – Tom Jackson & Cindy Webber were decided by “the People”.  Other delicious entries were presented by Al Bezanson, Kirsten Elaine Meyers (Kirsten, you left your purse here!), Tom Martin and finally the team of Hannah Kimberely and Anna Baglaneas Eves.

Special thanks to Alecia Cox DeWolfe for bringing a Mamie’s Kitchen special – cornbread with bacon, scallions and rat cheese (from Cave), and to all who brought wonderful things to eat.  There were actually two others who brought deviled eggs – Theo from House of Raven was one, but I don’t know who brought the others.  I was so busy rushing from the kitchen to the Judges’ table and back to get the contestants and mixes set up (with the incredible assistance of Gigi Mederos – I could not have done it without her behind the scenes help – and she made the coffee too!) that I never saw who brought in anything else. 

The Judges Ed Collard, Fred Bodin, James Eves, Karen Ristuben and Kathy Downer were the ultimate sober judges – up to a point, then after about the 5th entry, they started getting a little on the giggly side.  But they stayed the course and completed their judgely duties with decorum.

Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great event, all the contestants who gave the judges and “the People” much to enjoy and deliberate over.  The most special thanks to Bob Ryan of Ryan & Wood Distilleries who sponsored the event and made it all possible.

E.J. Lefavour

13 thoughts on “And the Winners Were . . .

  1. What fun! So that’s who made the AMAZING cornbread! Congrats to everyone — the food and drink were fabulous. And thanks especially to E.J. for hosting. We had a blast!


    1. I was, although I didn’t get as many as I would have liked. I’m also sorry I didn’t get to spend time visiting with anyone, but am happy that everyone seemed to be having such a good time. That’s what Mug Ups and GMG competitions are for.


      1. Paul, I just realized you probably meant shots of Beauport Vodka, not shots with my camera! That I didn’t even think to do, although I did get to drink more than my fair share of leftover Bloody Marys after everyone left. I actually ended up mixing all the remaining mixes together, and it was awesome!


  2. I missed last year’s competition because I was on vacation. therefore I was very eager to participate this year – and win!!! Shut the front door!!!! I am still a glow 🙂
    EJ was an amazing host, doing 20 different things at once. I think she would have exploded if Gigi wasn’t there. Great food, great FOBs, great entrants and, most of all, great community vibe in the room. Humbled to be apart of it all….
    Bex OUT


  3. Thanks to EJ for a most marvelous Mug Up! It was one of highlights of my summer I was so happy to finally meet the contributors of GMG whose never fail images and lively text keep me coming back to the blog day after day. You keep me connected to beautiful Cape Ann while I’m working down here in PA. Thanks everybody!


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