Sitting on Santa’s lap at Jordan Marsh Boston

Donna and Santa age 5This picture taken in 1958 at Jordan Marsh in Boston. Remember when Santa’s Helpers were not at every mall, oh there was no malls, you had to go to Boston to sit on his lap.

24 thoughts on “Sitting on Santa’s lap at Jordan Marsh Boston

  1. Not true Donna. Browns Department Store had their very own Santa. On the Pleasant St side of the store directly across from Middle St. there is a courtyard that was all decorated in silver and gold with lights. Santa had a huge raised thrown that he would sit on at the very end of the yard so for a young child it was a very magical long walk to sit on his lap. I never knew for sure but I think Santa was the Brown’s Market delivery man. I can’t remember his name.

    PS How’s that for dating oneself, Joey


      1. LOL!!!!! Donna you misunderstood me. The Browns Dept Store in downtown Gloucester was not a mall by any means. I am talking abount 1958 or so also!


    1. Yup! Now, Beth Williams Studio. I still get that special feeling when I go into the alleyway to shop at Beth’s. Back to the one at Jordan Marsh in Boston, I’m proud to think it takes a kind hearted “Harp” to be a great Santa. New Year’s resolution: Become more P.C.


  2. I remember going to see Santa at Browns department store and waiting in line in the court yard.
    Browns department store was also called the Boston store by many people on Cape Ann due to it’s size and many departments.


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