Today’s The Day!!!! Your Schedule of Events For Today’s 2012 Middle Street Walk! DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!

Today!!! SATURDAY December 8th- Lock It Down!!!!

There is just soooo much to do and see all packed into one glorious Gloucester Day.  No matter where you live I’d say it is the Holiday Event of The Season to attend.

Sure there’s the Christmas lights thing at the Stone Zoo and tree lightings and holiday fairs here and there that are worthwhile to attend but there is NO WHERE ANYWHERE THAT HAS THE SHEAR MASSIVE NUMBER OF ORGANIZATIONS ALL HAVING UNIQUE HOLIDAY EVENTS AT THE SAME TIME IN THE SAME AREA AS THE MIDDLE STREET WALK.  BOTTOM LINE- NOT UP FOR DEBATE.

Don’t be a neglectful parent who deprives their child of partaking, circle it on your calendar today.

The Gingerbread House Competition Is Just Getting Huger and Huger Every Year, The Buoy Painting At Art Haven and Lobster Trap Tree Lighting, The Many Musical Holiday Concerts, this year they will be having tours of the City Hall Tower, you would be hard pressed to get through all the events.

Not only that but after you tuck the kids away in bed it’s time to get your naughty on at The GMG XMAS Party At Bodin Historic Photo 6PM-Til All The GMG Elves Fall Down Drunk and We Push “Em Out Onto The Sidewalk.

Listen this is like going to Disney World except instead of paying $160 per person to get in and flights, you walk on up and donate $2 a head and enjoy all there is to enjoy all day long.  For a family of 4 that’s what, a $632 savings just on the tickets alone.

I count 35 Separate Events.

Check out the entire scheduled put together by Bill O’Connor From North Shore Kid in an east t read HTML Document with links and times and everything

2012 Middle street Walk Schedule of Events HERE

Thanks Bill O’Connor from NorthShoreKid for putting this web friendly table of events together for us.


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