Underwater Photography at Folly Cove From Kathy Chapman

Jerry Shine was out photographing in Folly Cove yesterday. He is the author of A Shore Diving Guide To New England and Nudibranchs of the Northeast.



2 thoughts on “Underwater Photography at Folly Cove From Kathy Chapman

  1. It’s incredible how much life can flourish in that icy water! I’ve been snorkelling off the rocks and been amazed at the beautiful sea urchins and constellations of starfish–but that was in August. I can’t imagine how cold it is being in that water in February!


  2. Jerry Shine’s photos depict the tiniest of our sea creatures in their many colors and textures. It’s wonderful to see such a smile on a diver in February. Folly Cove is a treasure and we dive it often in the summer. 39 degree water is just too cold for me, even in my dry suit. I get an ice cream headache from the exposed area above my mask’s skirt and below my helmet’s rim.


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