The Cape Hedge Inn, circa 1950

The Cape Hedge Inn, Land’s End, Rockport, circa 1950 Don Felt/©Fredrik D. Bodin
The Cape Hedge Inn was located at the end of South Street in Rockport, between Cape Hedge and Pebble Beaches. Across the street was the over flow guest house, and the little shack to the right of it was a hot dog stand. In the later 1950s and 1960s, the inn was called the Sandpiper by its new owners. Sadly, the Sandpiper burned in 1978. All that remains is a crumbled foundation.
The Cape Hedge Inn, Land’s End, Rockport, 1954 Anonymous/Fredrik D. Bodin
Aerial printed archivally from the original 4×5 inch film negative in my darkroom. Image #a9245-578
Sandpiper Inn printed digitally from a post card.

Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

16 thoughts on “The Cape Hedge Inn, circa 1950

  1. I love these old photos, along with the accompanying history,-thank you for sharing!!! What a fabulous place for an Inn. I’ve always dreamed of owning (and decorating) an early 20th-centruy-stone-and shingle-style inn at the windswept water’s edge–think of all the characters, and ideal setting, for a series of mystery novels–I’m inspired just lookin at these photos.


  2. Thanks for posting this photo, I live down the street and heard there was an Inn there, too bad it burned down. It was a magnificent building.


  3. I’ve confirmed from three different sources (including Paul Frontiero Jr.and Arley Pett) that the Sandpiper had a dining room. Jim Bates of Rockport worked in the kitchen there as a 15 year old for dinner service, and his sister worked there for breakfast. He particularly remembers deveining great quantities of shrimp for their famous shrimp scampi.The dining room was open to the public, seated more than 100, and was always packed for dinner. Jim also ran the hot dog stand. Today, two of the Sandpiper’s dining room tables are in his house. There you go– she did eat there in 1975.


    1. We moved to Gloucester in September 1976 and had dinner there once before it burned down.
      Peter and Karen Koch-Weser


  4. Last night I received a thank you email from the GMG reader who requested the Sandpiper information: “I’ve always tried to figure out what that restaurant was and no one seemed to know. I remember it was lovely and the view was beautiful. I do remember that it was very busy that night. Thanks again for finding my memory.”


  5. Today I got a phone call from Diana in Arizona. She spent her honeymoon there! People have great visual memories.


  6. Dear Fredrik: I am Diana’s husband Steve, still in AZ except for our hearts, which we left in Boston & Cape Ann, specifically Eastern Point in East Gloucester where we had our summer home for nearly 30 years. We spent our 1-night honeymoon at the Sandpiper September 3, 1972, and she surprised me w/your photos last week for our 48th anniversary. We’re both very glad that prompted our discovering GMG and sure appreciate the effort you put into this!


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