Saturday Night on the town, part III

Last Saturday night, after the Bodin Historical Photo event and a visit to the Cape Ann Oil Co. (as described in previous posts), I also stopped by to see Loren Doucette’s show at the Art Room.

She works in a variety of media, including acrylic and pastel, and an interesting method she described of coating paper with black ink and “painting” by removing areas of it – I forget the technical name, but it sounds like a challenging and fun technique to work with.

The artist with her work

Her art is well worth the visit.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Night on the town, part III

  1. I once lived in an apartment above Loren’s art gallery. Besides being a talented artist, Loren’s about the nicest gal you’ll ever meet. I’m a huge fan. Thanks for the post, Fr. Green, and good luck, Loren, with this month’s show!


  2. Dear Father Green, Thanks so very nuch for this post!!! It means a lot to me. John, Thanks!!!!!!! I happen to be a big fan of you and your family as well!


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