Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee Chair Daisy Nell and Stan Collinson’s Schooner Redbird

Fair winds and a joyous tribute to Helen and Joe Garland made for a spectacularly beautiful 33rd Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival. We wish to extend a most sincere and heartfelt thanks to the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee members for an outstanding Schooner Festival. I imagine it is a year round job planning this magnificent event for which the entire community enjoys. Thank you for all that you do to make these beautiful and treasured schooner days possible.  

The Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee Members, from the festival’s website:

Daisy Nell: Chair, Amanda Apicelli, Tracy Arabian, Tom Balf, Peter Bent, Alan Bezanson, Ed Boynton, Steve Brown,  Liza Browning, Harold Burnham, Jim Caulkett, Charlie Clark, Michael Costello, Jo-Anne Crawford, Tom Daniel, Carol Decker, Nancy Dudley, Stefan Edick, Tom Ellis, Robert Lepere, James Lowell, Laura Lowell, Amanda Madeira, John McCarthy, Jay McLauchlan, Patti Page, Barry Pett, Brett Ramsey, Suzanne Silveira, Devan Smith, Russ Smith, Mary Kay Taylor, Carol Thistle, Brenda Treuhaft, and Peter Webber. 

Members of the Festival Committee and Chair Daisy Nell at Maritime Heritage Day


Coming next weekend, the 4th through the 6th, the spectacular 31st annual Gloucester Schooner Festival is an event not to be missed. Organized by the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee and Maritime Gloucester, click here for a complete list of activities throughout the weekend.

Another Schooner Festival is in the Books

So much beauty in one harbor.  It almost doesn’t seem fair….almost.

The day began a bit dreary, but grey skies couldn’t detract from the gorgeousness of the schooners as they paraded throughout our harbor.

Lucky, lucky us.  Thanks to everyone who played a part in another successful Schooner Festival.


“I love the look on the non-defecating eagle’s face. “

Hey Joey,
Happy New Year!  I snapped this photo today at the Roger William’s Zoo (AMAZING place fyi…open all year and 1/2 price in January + February).  Timing is everything.  I love the look on the non-defecating eagle’s face.  I could almost hear him saying, “Nice, really nice.  Way to represent.”     🙂
-Nichole Schrafft


Chickity Check It! The American Eagle Newsletter

Rosalie Parisi forwards the link-

The American Eagle used to offload whiting and groundfish here at our dock back in the day.  It was an eastern rigged dragger which most of the Gloucester fleet was back then and Captained by Rosalie’s father Captain Joe Piscitello. 

The American eagle was bought from her father and converted into the boat she is now, a schooner.  You can read all about it here-



and now this is what she looks like-


The Last Schooner

Schooner Andrew & Rosalie, Gloucester, circa 1935 Alice M. Curtis/©Fredrik D. Bodin
The last Gloucester-built fishing schooner was the Andrew & Rosalie, which was constructed and launched in 1930 at Burnham’s Railways (in the area now called Harbor Loop). With a 20 foot beam, her deck was 92 feet long and she carried 4,600 square feet of sail. The schooner was renamed American Eagle in 1941 by new owner Captain Ben Pine. In 1984, after 53 years of hard fishing with the Gloucester fleet, she was purchased and rebuilt by Captain John Foss for the passenger trade. Berthed in Rockland, Maine, Schooner American Eagle can be seen in Gloucester every September for the Mayor’s Cup Race, which she’s won eight times.
Schooner American Eagle, Gloucester ©Fredrik D. Bodin
Images printed archivally in my darkroom from the original 6×7 centimeter negatives.
Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Gloucester Fisherman Story From Good Morning America 1982

Rosalie Parisi forwards-


This was taken at your fathers Wharf in1982, it is a story about my family and the fishing industry.

In the end of the video my Uncle Charlie who passed last week is pictured weighing out the boat at our dock.

Uncle Charlie was a rock of a man, the strong type of family man who led the family by example. 

Gloucester At Dawn Spirit Of Massachusetts 7/6/09 4:45AM

I went down to the GMHC this morning to take some pics for you.  Some of the Spirit of Massachusetts and the American Eagle.  We used to unload the American Eagle when it was a dragger owned by Joe Piscatello.  I can’t tell you how much whiting we unloaded from that boat in the early eighties.  They did an unbelievable transformation to turn it into a schooner.

American Eagle in town for SailGloucester
American Eagle in town for SailGloucester
American Eagle
American Eagle