Sista Felicia Does St. Joseph’s Day Pasta For The Gloucester Times Taste of The Times

From The Gloucester Daily Times-

When Felicia was growing up this special recipe was prepared by her Aunt “FeFe“, Vincie and Uncle Mike (Militello). Now she makes it herself and passes along the family’s recipe secrets. The main ingredients are cauliflower, fava beans, and the ferns on top of the anise bulbs. In fact, since the grocers and supermarkets typically throw away this part of the plant before even putting it on the shelf, Felicia goes around each year to remind them to avoid that for this special week of St. Joseph’s Day so that she and others can properly make the dish.

Her aunt and uncle FeFe and Vincie used to create an alter every St. Joseph’s Day and that became very big, so big that many people came each year to pay their respects and eat some of the special pasta dish. The pasta sauce was served over home made St. Joseph fettuccini pasta. What made this St. Joseph Pasta is that all the flower used to prepare the feast was blessed by a priest the day before St. Joseph day. It was done, in fact, at a very special mass in Aunt FeFe and Uncle Vincie’s home in front of her alter. You cannot get much more authentic than that.


You can read my buddy Heather Atwood’s article about Felicia and St Joseph’s Traditions here-

Feast of St. Joseph fare celebrates workers

Sista Felicia’s Sugar Cranberries Recipe on The Gloucester Times Taste of The Times


To Felicia Mohan these sugared cranberries are something that she places along with nuts all around her holiday house. She says that they are “Where sweet meets tart, and a family favorite.”
The first thing you have to do is sort a bag of cranberries by removing any that are bruised or overripe, setting aside. Heat 2 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar to make a simple syrup. Place the cranberries in the heated syrup and place in the refrigerator overnight. The cranberries are going to become slightly soft and some may even split open.
The next day strain your cranberries and place them in a pie dish filled with superfine sugar and roll around until well covered. Remove them carefully with a wire mesh ladle so that you do not disturb them very much. The less you touch them the better they will look.

Click here to read or print out the recipe at the Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times

Sista Felicia Does Moms Zucchini Side Dish At The Gloucester Daily Times Taste Of The Times


Check It Out At The Gloucester Daily Times Website By Clicking here

The summer vegetables will be coming soon and this simple version of preparing zucchini is another recipe from Felicia Mohan’s home style Italian kitchen. When zucchini becomes plentiful you need many different ways to prepare it that are simple and of course tastes good.
This particular recipe is one of the ways her mother used to prepare zucchini and that is where it got its’ name. The main ingredients that give this side dish its flavor are the basil, the chicken broth and the juice of a fresh lemon. Felicia insists that the lemon juice be fresh in order to achieve the full flavor.

Easter Bunny Cookies With Sista Felicia at The Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times


From The GDT:

Felicia Mohan grew up waiting for Easter so she could eat these cookies her grandmother made. After her grandmother retired in Florida and was no longer around for Easter, her Aunt assumed the responsibility and now she has herself. The secret is to use this Italian pastry dough recipe, decorate your own Easter eggs with your kids, make a simple frosting using fresh lemon, and top with brightly colored sprinkles.

Get the recipe here

Cooking Fried Whiting With Sista Felicia Video at The Taste of The Times

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Deb Clarke just asked me how Felicia seasons her fried whiting.  I answered her on Twitter but not sure if she ever got it.  In any case here you can see exactly how it is done.  Fried Whiting is my very favorite fish to eat.  I could sit down with a pile of salted fried whiting and a couple of cold beers and have an incredible feast.  The pure white flesh of the whiting is the tastiest fish ever.  You eat it like corn on the cob and the meat falls away from the bone easily.   In my opinion the most underutilized species we have today.  It also make an incredible soup.

Here are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago at Felicia’s house-


Sista Felicia’s Pasta Gagoot’s Video At The Gloucester Daily Times Taste Of The Times website

Click here to view recipe at The Gloucester Daily Time website

Referred to as "Pasta Gagoots" by many Italians from Sicily, including the family of Felicia (Ciaramitaro) Mohan, this is a layered pasta dish most often served when the cook has extra large zucchini or cuccuzza squash from the garden or elsewhere.


Julie Geary Does Two New Years’ Appetizer Videos At The Taste of The Times

Pesto Terrine served with Semolina Bread

According to Julie, people get tired of seeing slices of cheddar and other cheeses laid out on a platter. This is a perfect cheese alternative for your party or entertaining to start out the New Year and you can combine all of the ingredients in several minutes. You can also make this a day or two ahead and keep in your refrigerator.

This Mediterranean style dish is also a little healthier than many other appetizers. Goat cheese, cream cheese, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes are layered into a bowl. Julie shows you a simple technique for getting it onto a plate for a perfect presentation. Perfect for 20 to 25 people if it is one of several appetizers.

click the pictures below to see the how to video recipes


Phyllo Tartlets with Roasted Red Pepper, Pesto and Buffalo Mozzarella

Another five-minute appetizer recipe from Julie Geary of Classic Caterers. Small Phyllo tarts, roasted red peppers, small mozzarella balls (called pearls), and some pesto. All of the ingredients can be obtained in the supermarket.


Sista Felicia’s Salami Crisps With Crème Fraiche Video On The Taste Of The Times


This three-ingredient appetizer from Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan travels very well and is so simple to make. Once again all of the ingredients can be obtained in the supermarket.

Simply bake thin-cut salami slices in an oven for about 10 minutes at 325 degrees F. and dry off excess grease between two pieces of paper towel. You want to get them crispy, like a potato chip. Once they are cooled and you are ready to complete them, add a dab of crème fraiche and top off with a leaf of fresh basil. (Felicia uses a disposable piping bag to add the crème fraiche but you could use a spoon.)

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Sista Felicia’s Saint Lucia Holiday Pudding Recipe


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Santa Lucia Day, a traditional Sicilian holiday that many celebrate, is December 13th. To Felicia (Ciaramitaro) Mohan and many other Sicilians it is remembered as a day when her grandmother invited all of the kids to her house to eat the large pan of pudding simultaneously in an “eating race.”

Catholic traditions tell the legend of how there was a great hunger in Syracuse, Sicily, and the town’s people had gathered in the cathedral on her feast day, December 13th, to pray, and two ships loaded with wheat arrived, with her at the helm of one, dressed in white, with a halo of candles on her head. This is the explanation given for the cucci, or cooked wheat which is an ingredient in all her festival ‘s foods. Cuccia, a kind of sweet porridge is made with wheat berries, chocolate, sugar and milk. Each family has their own versions of this dish.

For Felicia’s grandmother’s version, additional ingredients of cornstarch, vanilla, salt and fresh ground cinnamon are added. Felicia strongly recommends that it is worthwhile to go to a specialty spice store and find the Italian cinnamon sticks and grind them yourself.

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If you have a smart phone (Iphone, Android, etc.) you may have heard about "pictograms" that allow you to access Internet content by just "shooting" the pictogram with your phone as if it were a picture. You can download the free software and start using it right away in newspapers and magazines. Taste of the Times is on the cutting edge as you can see in  Wednesday’s newspaper. From now on when you see a recipe in the paper that you want to watch just "shoot" the pictogram and it will come up on your phone within seconds.

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Chickity Check Out Sister Felicia’s Grape and Ginger Ale Punch Video On the Gloucester Daily Times Website

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Click Here For The Recipe On The Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times Online Website

The H Bomb Drops On GMG- Heather Atwood Has Some Nice Things To Say

Chickity Check her latest blog post-

Lobster Rolls, Appellation Controllee, GMG

Some mornings the tea spills, the weeds rule, and the fog won’t lift, but there is a recipe for curing any bad start: a cruise through the blog GoodMorningGloucester.

Your water bill may be too high.  Your spot on the Rockport mooring wait-list too low, but there is no way you can feel anything but love for this part of the world once you’ve spent five minutes reading Joey Ciaramitaro’s take on Cape Ann, even if you’re reading from China.

To read the rest click here and discover her new blog- Food For Thought On The Gloucester Daily Times Website

Thanks for the kind words H 🙂

I would have to add that I have a great group of contributors and GMG community that make the blog what it is.  Without the people that check it out, write in to comment and give us encouragement it would just be a bunch of folks posting pictures and commenting on their own lives.  It’s the GMG community of people who write in and share similar experiences, likes and dislikes that make GMG special.  I’m just one part of it.  Oh and I’m also a lobster dealer, not a lobsterman.

Heather Atwood Gives Abby The GDT Food For Thought Treatment

Heather Atwood Featured here in this video on GMG gives The 5th Joy blogger and former neighbor Abby Cahill O’Brien the Atwood treatment in Today’s GDT

Look at Abby all growns up!

Sister Felicia Makes Arancini Video For The Gloucester Daily Times

You can check out her recipe for this tasty dish that we grew up with by going to the Gloucester Daily Times Taste of the Times Website and clicking on her show titled Arancini

Click the picture to go to the Taste Of The Times Site and Find Her Video Titled Arancini

Sister Felicia’s Traditional Easter Bunny Cookie Video On The Gloucester Times “Taste of The Times”

Click the picture to view Felicia’s Video At the Gloucester Times “Taste of The Times” and learn how to make these traditional Easter Bunny Cookies. The same way that Grandma used to make em!

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Click here to view a printable Easter Egg Bunny Cookie recipe