GloucesterCast With Lowell Peabody, Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/22/14

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GloucesterCast With Lowell Peabody, Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/22/14


Topics Include: Gloucester MA, 01930, Happy Earth Day, Lowell Peabody, Kim Smith, 2014 UU Church Citizenship Award Winners- Donna Ardizzoni, Jim Flint, Martin Krugman, John McElhenny, Barry McKay, Joe Novello, Linn Parisi, Maggie Rosa, Terry Sands, Ann Straccia and her rescue beagle Ellie, Gloucester Strong Day At The Hive, Patti Amaral, Rose LoPiccolo, Dog Off Leash Article In GDT, James Niedzinski, Pot Farm In Essex, Arianna MacNeill, Over/Under Time Before Pot Farm Gets Approved, Over/Under Time Before Pot Dispensary Gets Opened, Phantom Illness, iPad vs iPad mini, Monoprice IPS Monitor A Tremendous Value, Petit Robert, The Franklin Lamb Chops, Grilled Brussel Sprouts, La casa de Luis, Montreal Spicy Steak Seasoning, Kim Smith PSwallowtail Movie In Lowell Eco Movie Festival, Palazolas Sporting Goods Baseball Cap Collection, Kim’s Daughter Liv Fair Weather Bostonian, Kim Does Not Know What Year Her Daughter Graduated, Liv’s New Blog,

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The Mayor’s Desk: The city’s water emergency — and ‘Code Red’ response

From the Times this morning-

The Mayor’s Desk
Carolyn Kirk

Last Thursday, we launched the city’s new Code Red Emergency Notification System.

By Sunday morning, as we realized the enormity of the situation with the water plant, we issued a Code Red emergency notification asking residents to curtail water use.

Code Red is an emergency notification system that basically speed-dials out to the phone numbers in the public phone number database. It is an efficient and direct way to reach thousands of people in a short amount of time with a pre-recorded message.

If you received the introductory call and, or received the Code Red call on Sunday morning regarding the water plant, both recorded by me, then you are in the system and will continue to receive emergency notifications.

If you did not receive any call from Code Red over the past week — or if you would like to change the phone number on file — then you must visit the City of Gloucester’s Web site ( and the Code Red link in order to add or change your information. For those of you without Internet access, you can access the city Web site from Sawyer Free Library or the Rose Baker Senior Center.

Since the launch of Code Red, we have received helpful feedback for making the system better. I appreciate the e-mails from residents who’ve provided concrete suggestions such as a caller ID moniker, repeating key information so there isn’t so much to digest all at once, and eliminating a pause at the beginning of the recording so the listener doesn’t hang up.

Like any new system, the kinks need to be worked out. But I am so grateful the system was up and running, and we had rolled out the initial introductory call when we did. Just three days later, we found ourselves needing to get an urgent message out quickly to residents about the failure at the Babson Water Treatment Plant.

To read more from this article, click here.

Chickity Check It!- Cape Ann BeerandBlog Article In GDT

Last Friday Scott Pytlik from the Gloucester Daily Times emailed asking if I was interested in writing a piece about  CapeAnnBeerandBlog. he had pitched the idea to editor Ray Lamont and once Ray green lighted it I hammered out the basics.

Scott asked if I could also try to explain the differences between bloggers, message board posters, and online commenting for less web savvy folks.

The first few meet-ups we had at Cape Ann Brewing were great and I’m looking forward to getting more folks involved to collaborate and help each other out over cold adult beverages. 🙂

Here’s the article in the Gloucester Daily Times