Thank You To The Staff At Seacoast


Folks that know me know about my dad and his Alzheimer’s disease.  It’s very difficult to accept that the rock of a man who raised you gets reduced in mental capacity so rapidly by it’s symptoms.  Life is life and as horrible as it is I cling on to the fact that he got to retire early and enjoy lots of time with my mom down in Florida for quite a while before the onset of the disease.

I’d like to tell you all about the angels who care for him at Seacoast Nursing Home.  When visiting him in the nursing care facility in Florida he was very lethargic, could barely communicate with me and could barely walk. 

There are no illusions that he will magically regain his brain functions and be able to resume life the way we once knew it but since coming home and with the compassionate care that he receives at Seacoast he has made significant strides in his mood and his energy level. 

It’s hard enough to watch someone you love begin to fail the way someone with dementia fails but it lessons the pain when you know that the people that care for him when you can’t take such loving care of your parent, spouse or loved one.  I cannot explain the comfort it brings me knowing he receives the kind of care he does from these angels.

I can’t thank the staff at Seacoast enough for caring for my dad the way they do.  It’s not just a job for these people.   They care and it shows. 

Thank you so much


16 thoughts on “Thank You To The Staff At Seacoast

  1. Wow. Yr post on Seacoast? I am in serious tears right now. Well said, Joey. My heart goes out to you, Felicia, Jill, yr girls about your dad. Pls know Jeff and I are thinking about you.
    My mom works in a nursing home on the Cape and she/her coworkers work so hard and make these clients dignified in their older years… it is exhausting mentally, physically and they make practically minimum wage. Regardless, your recognition and thanks is most likely better than any paycheck. So refreshing to see such gratefulness. You are a class act, my friend!!
    Lots of love,


  2. Although I sometimes have trouble showing it, I am also grateful to the staff in the dementia ward at Seacooast. As anyone who goes through the experience of dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia
    of an aging parent or other relative, It is never an easy thing for anyone. I have had occassion to be in and around manyNursing homs over the last 15 years. This is one of the best facilities in our area
    and in my opinion, should be professionally recognoized as such. My mother had her 91st birthday on the 10th and was happier with us in attendance and treated well by the staff and showed her enjoyment for the first time in awhile. It is hard as she is a former Assistsant Director of Nursing At AGH when IT was a superior facility. It is heartbeaking for me to see her as she is but, I know she is receiving excellent care. It was a great posting and for whatever it is worth to others, I concurr.


  3. Joey, It’s true the staff at Seacoast are Angels of Mercy. They do take excellent care of him. They are compassionate, caring, loving individuals it is amazing to me to see them with him. You are so right in all your words. As heartbreaking as it is to see him like this it gives our family peace of mind to know the great care he is receiving. They all have a great story to tell me about him how he sometimes makes them smile by something he tries to say or a funny look he gives them. I know it’s hard for you and Felicia and me to accept and see him like this. It’s good that we have such loving memories of him. He loved us all and we were his whole life. My sadness comes that your girls didn’t have enough time with him when he was cognitively well. My sadness also is that Felicia’s twins can’t have him the way he was too, they were more fortunate to have him longer but then also not so fortunate to be old enough to see his decline. He is lucky to be at Seacoast with such wonderful people in that fact he is truly blessed. Thankyou for writing about Seacoast they totally deserve the recognition. I love you! Mom


  4. I always said that People that work in the health care field like these people do are very special people. Not just anybody can do it and do it well. Thankfully I don’t have anybody there right now but its nice to know that these people are there .


  5. Thanks for sharing the sadness about your father. Many of us can relate to your pain.

    My father has the brain disease as well. It’s so difficult to see one’s parents loose their mental facilities. My dad rode the wave of the development of the computer, and as a lawyer and computer nerd, wrote a complicated program computerizing law libraries. He traveled the world working for 3M teaching the software.

    We are looking for out-of-the-home care now. I hope we can find the same wonderful care in Minnesota you have found here.


  6. Joey, I am glad your father is receiving loving and attentive care. It’s not easy watching a parent age or deal with medical challenges, especially one you describe as a “rock of a man.” One way to honor your Dad is to make the most out of your own life, and spread some happiness like you do on GMG everyday.


  7. Joey the story was moving especially since your Father mean’t so much to my husband. He was truly a great person. Thank God you have Seacoast and we wish the best to you, your family, Mom and Dad. God Bless.


  8. I second what Joey wrote about Seacoast. My mom Ruth was there for 10 months and she just
    passed away last Monday there. They took great care of her.


    1. Oh we loved her so much! Such a sweet women! She will be greatly missed! She always had a smile on her face, and i loved spending time with her going through her photo albums etc….and i would ask her who was who and she would tell me! She was a doll!


  9. thank you joey for the recognition..i was blessed that not only do i take care of “dad” but i also knew him before this. I took care of your grandmother Felicia too. what a loving family the Cimitaro’s are.. I have gotten to know both your aunts and “mom” form taking care of Felicia and was so sad to see “dad” come in to Seacoast. We love him so much. what a wonderful man he is. Yes, this job is hard and demanding but its the families like yours that keep us going Your father brings us joy and laughter everday so believe me when i tell you “the pleasure is ours”. what a gift we have been given. The thanks go out to you and your family and of course “dad”..He makes the days go easier. Well that and the cookies “mom” brings us!!! God Bless you all…….Pam.


  10. My mom was also at Seacoast, although on the top floor. She went there for rehab on a few occasions throughout her illness. She also spent time in other facilities. Seacoast was always our first choice for care. Unfortunately my mom lost her battle with cancer and Spent her last few months in hospice at Seacoast. The care she received was exceptional. She was treated like family by the staff. I will always be grateful to them for their love, support and care for my mom and me.
    My uncle is currently on the lower floor and I am pleased with the care he receives as well.
    Thank you Seacoast!


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