Great crowd for Quentin Callewaert & Safety Gloucester Harbor Loop concert

Different musicians every Thursday, 6-9PM sponsored by Pratty’s, Go Spring Water, Seacoast, Rhumb Line, Noble Electric and Maplewood Car Wash 

These photos are scenes from the Quentin Callewaert & Safety concert August 3, 2017.


Maritime Gloucester’s aquarium sign mural looks good!



August 3 2017 Thursday nights Harbor Loop summer concert series Gloucester MA


2012 Seacoast Holiday Fair Photos From David Cox

Hi Joey,

I have a couple of series of pictures taken by my Dad, David Cox at the Seacoast Holiday Baazar. They are great! We would love it if you would post them with the message below to the Friends of Seacoast.

The residents and staff of the Seacoast Nursing and Rehab facility would like to express our gratitude and give special thanks to the Friends of Seacoast for all they do to enhance the lives of the residents living at Seacoast.

The holiday fair sponsored by the Friends of Seacoast was a huge success and enjoyed by all!

Thank You To The Staff At Seacoast


Folks that know me know about my dad and his Alzheimer’s disease.  It’s very difficult to accept that the rock of a man who raised you gets reduced in mental capacity so rapidly by it’s symptoms.  Life is life and as horrible as it is I cling on to the fact that he got to retire early and enjoy lots of time with my mom down in Florida for quite a while before the onset of the disease.

I’d like to tell you all about the angels who care for him at Seacoast Nursing Home.  When visiting him in the nursing care facility in Florida he was very lethargic, could barely communicate with me and could barely walk. 

There are no illusions that he will magically regain his brain functions and be able to resume life the way we once knew it but since coming home and with the compassionate care that he receives at Seacoast he has made significant strides in his mood and his energy level. 

It’s hard enough to watch someone you love begin to fail the way someone with dementia fails but it lessons the pain when you know that the people that care for him when you can’t take such loving care of your parent, spouse or loved one.  I cannot explain the comfort it brings me knowing he receives the kind of care he does from these angels.

I can’t thank the staff at Seacoast enough for caring for my dad the way they do.  It’s not just a job for these people.   They care and it shows. 

Thank you so much