Introducing Our New National Symbol



11 thoughts on “Introducing Our New National Symbol

  1. it is the pain in the lunch at Wingaersheek in the summertime! A gull ain’t too proud to beg, steal, or terrify small, hungry, half-naked children!


  2. It’s brave and defiant, alright. At the beach one day, it bit my fingertip as it dove in for a bite of my tuna sandwich which I was holding in my left hand, while I was looking, aloft, at the sea. The proud bugger actually drew blood! Fortunately, a good looking life guard came to my rescue with a Band-Aid. “All’s well that ends well.”


  3. I showed R. Duck the photo and if she could open her beak I think she wants to say, “That’s My Homie!”

    I had sent her to the Rockport dump with some herring tied around her neck and she is a bit frazzled right now.


  4. I know they can be a pain to fisherman as I have witnesed. But you have to admit he is regal looking. Just as regal looking as an eagle. The one I took a picture of down Jodrey on the nets looked pretty regal. Maybe it’s the same one as they are not all regal looking…LOL…


  5. Oh yeah, I got so wraped up in the picture I forgot to say nice picture. Gee, the white on my indoor kitties couldn’t be any whiter than that Homie. He’s beautiful.


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