Did You Know? (My God, How Great Thou Art!)


That through the pure outflow of Universal energy, EJ has just secured a gallery space on Rocky Neck at 77 Rocky Neck, G3?  The space is incredibly cool and will feature a Good Morning Gloucester Gallery of artwork by our beloved Joey C., Sharon Lowe and Paul Frontiero.  EJ’s paintings, photos, book, cards, Cape Ann Treasure Boxes, etc. will be there as well as awesome 3d photography by Chris Murray.  There will also be a guest artist exhibit space (see mocked photo above), for 8 guest artists to have 2-week exhibits during the season.  There will also be an exhibit space for three dimensional works, if you are a sculptor, potter, or other three dimensional works artist.  If you are artist or know an artist who might be interested in having an exhibit on Rocky Neck this summer, please visit http://www.khanstudiointernational.com/goodmorninggloucester%20gallery.htm for more info, or email me at khanstudio@comcast.net.  In addition, the studio space will offer affordable printing (notecards and art prints up to 13×19), matting, packaging and framing services for artists.  This service is to allow artists to affordably exhibit and market their work.  The general public and artists who require archival or higher end framing should continue to use the services of Theo at House of the Raven, Ylva at Artemis, or whichever framer you generally use. 

Watch out people, the power of the Universe is driving this, and we are going to rock Rocky Neck this summer!  My God, how great thou art!

E.J. Lefavour


10 thoughts on “Did You Know? (My God, How Great Thou Art!)

  1. OK, it’s alright to spend the summer in a good place, but remember your Squam “roots”. Congrads on the gallery, mom sent the book, can’t wait, heard you met brother Bill and Sarah Best wishes.


  2. So, so excited to have met you yesterday, E.J.– not to mention to have learned about you becoming my brand new next door gallery neighbor on the Madfish Wharf! I’m now looking forward to getting to know you better, sharing our thoughts, visions, inspirations– et al! As I mentioned yesterday, I’m a huge fan of your work, and have read the new book cover to cover. Loved it, and learned so much, given I too am brand new to Cape Ann (moved here last fall). So please allow me to extend you a sincere and hearty welcome to you in Gallery G3 , from your enthusiastic fellow photographer in Gallery G4! I’m going to check out khanstudiointernational.com right now– and I’m at wendiedemuthphotos.com . Looking forward to having an awesome summer season with you and our fellow artheads down here on Rocky Neck!!


  3. Thanks so much everyone. Wendie, it was really great to meet you too, and I am thrilled to have you as my Rocky Neck neighbor. I visited your website and love your photography – it will make a unique, exciting addition to the offerings on the Neck. I really loved the swan, money eating dried apples and the cat with the loops of wire, and the abstract landscapes are very dynamic. See you soon, and often!


  4. Industry

    Ejay Khan came to Gloucester,
    on a sunny afternoon.
    That night she found Babson boulders,
    by the light of a full moon.
    “If Work Stops, Values Decay”,
    “Prosperity Follows Service”,
    Spiritual Power”
    “Ideals, “Initiative”, Integrity”
    Most of us have read these rocks,
    and thought them quite constrained.
    Ejay had a different take since
    a deep old voice echoed in refrain.
    “Kindness! Industry!” shook Dogtown woods,
    and the ghosts all ran away.
    But not Ejay Khan,
    she just yelled, “Okay!”


  5. Paul, that is so sweet. I didn’t know you were a poet, very nice. I’ll treasure that always. Be on time, work, integrity, intelligence, industry, spiritual power, kindness, etc. are all wonderful messages that I thank Roger Babson and the stonecutters for leaving behind for us to discover all these years later.


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