Nicole Duckworth Pimps Duckworth’s Grass Fed Beef

Hey Joey,

Bistrot in Gloucester!

Ken and our kitchen crew, acting on a tip from a loyal customer went on a road
trip to Paris, ME to check out the grass fed cattle at Mount Mica farm! Pleased
with what they saw, Ken committed to purchase two cattle when they were ready.
Hand selected, house butchered grass
fed beef is now being showcased on Duckworth’s Bistrot menu in a few nightly
specials. You will see a preparation using the house ground beef, generally a
braised selection and finally a steak. This meat was raised with care,
butchered with care and prepared with care.
The following
is a menu of the recent specials
We are very excited to be
Grass fed beef
from Mount Mica farm in Paris, Maine.
Over the next few weeks
we will be showcasing this
selected and house butchered beef
in a few nightly offerings.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Onion soup with Brie
croutons 9

Braised eye round with
celery root purée, grilled celery hearts and braising juices 28

Meatloaf with mushroom
gravy, mashed potatoes and sautéed broccoli rabe 26

Grilled Ribeye or Delmonico
steak with roasted potato,
Brussels sprouts sautéed
with bacon and onions; hollandaise sauce
Delmonico 36
Ribeye 38

And of course, we are still serving our Lobster Risotto with lobsters
from Captain Joe and sons. J

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