11 thoughts on “Driving Experience with Joey and Sister Felicia – Video

  1. Sister Felicia, …LOL… You look like me driving. And you are right, you can’t dance & drive with it on. To restrictive. Love the vid, even though it was short. Would like to see a longer one. Frank, you’re right about one big party but isn’t that awesome if you can live like that. In this economy to still see fun & excitement in life.


    1. I nearly gave Manuel a heart attack !Lets just say that I don’t think he will be calling me for a ride any time soon. Between driving away w/out all kids accounted for, to banging a few u-turns, to cutting a few car off to catch up to the “Godmother”…(.Who drives even more crazy then me),surounded by bags of bread,orange,and lemon’s, to making him deaf in both ears from Padre Pio playing full Blast! I think he would rather walk next year!


  2. Oh Sister Felicia, I laughed when I read your coment. That’s a good thing. I needed that. What a visual. I can see you driving now.


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