March, The New Year starts tomorrow

Until King Numa screwed things up in 713 BC, March was the beginning of the year. Since March is my favorite month I never followed the king’s edict so today is New Year’s Eve. The Romans started the year with March because March is from Mars, god of war and you could start a war campaign in March and not get bogged down. But there are tons of other reasons why March is the greatest month. Everything starts in March.

March 1st: Hummingbirds have just hit the gulf coast and will be here soon. Monarch butterflies not far behind.

March 1st: First day of the year, first day of spring if you don’t go by the new fangled calendar.

March 4th: Gather in crowds , yell out the name of the day, and March forth. This is a Friday so a pub crawl would be good on this day. Stone Pub, Dog Bar, Minglewood Tavern, Rhumb Line.

March 5th: New Moon

March 6th: The sliver of the new waxing moon crescent will be paired just above the setting sun with Jupiter. With binoculars you might glimpse Mercury below the pair before it sets right after the sun.

March 7th: My Birthday. Now you know why this is my favorite month, I celebrate all month long.

March 13th: Spring Ahead! DST starts so instead of the sun setting at 5:45PM the day before it sets at 6:46 PM! Gin and Tonic on the deck as the sun goes down.

March 14: Pi Day. Be an even bigger nerd and have a drink, 3/14 @ 1:59 PM and 26 seconds.

March 15: The Ides of March “Et tu, Brute?” Caesar stabbed 23 times. Toga! Toga! Toga!

March 17th: Saint Patrick’s Day, green beer on a Thursday this year.

March 19th: Full Moon. This March full moon causes Easter to occur late, April 24th this year.

March 19th: Boston Derby Dames in Wilmington, 4PM. Full moon and roller derby? Twice as crazy!

March 20: wicked low tide at 6:25PM and sun sets at 6:54PM. Take dog for a walk on Good Harbor Beach.

March 20, 7:21PM: Spring Equinox, take dog for a walk on Good Harbor Beach.

March 31st: Red Sox Baseball season’s eve. Sox are tied for the best record in baseball.

Print this list out and put it on your fridge along with the Gloucester Harbor Tide Chart to get the most out of your March. Before you know it I will be posting seasonal openings and we can all meet at the Cupboard for a Fish and cheese sandwich. Top Dog in Rockport is opening Saturday, April 2nd. OK, maybe April is my favorite month.

8 thoughts on “March, The New Year starts tomorrow

  1. Thanks Paul! You are a nerd. Never knew this much about this month. Maybe TMI!
    You can get A Cape Ann Tide Calendar at Ace Hardware. Not sure if they still have them. Just Ask a very helpful, Polite, and Intelligent Checkout Person. Such as: My Son James! 🙂


    1. Let’s see, I have already gotten some tubs for storing the dog food, some toilet flapper valves, and I was checking out a nice hummingbird feeder from James at the Ace Hardware in Gloucester Crossing. I got details from him on how all your sons faired on the greasy pole last year, ouch, but never laid eyes on a tide chart. I’ll ask the next time I am in which will be soon since my sump pump is acting up and might need some hose clamps soon. (Hard to pump ice.)

      Hey, you could pick out that nice hummingbird feeder and leave it with James to give me for my birthday!


    1. Looking back at my seasonal opening threads the first one should be around tax day to nail the Rudder, Topside, Lobster Pool. Anyone who knows should email me openings. Top Dog is always first.


  2. You mentioned the cupboard and here I am in gorgeous, warm Florida thinking about it… March 14th is awesome – I love it! 🙂


    1. The article was getting long but I should have included St Joseph’s Day on Saturday March 19. I’ll be stopping by Virgilio’s for some St Joseph’s Day rolls.

      Ash Wednesday, next week on March 9th denotes the beginning of Lent which makes March 8th “Fat Tuesday” or Mardi Gras.

      One more I should have posted is that March is National Colorectal Awareness Month. A healthy life starts with a healthy colon. Get it checked.


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