Jon Sarkin Interview At His Birdseye Building Studio Part I

Jon Sarkin Interview At His Birdseye Building Studio Part I

Jon talks about his relationship with Chad Carlberg, gives us a tour of his workspace inside the Birdseye building, shows how some of the pieces for the Guster Music Video were made and how success breeds success.

Look for part II tomorrow

5 thoughts on “Jon Sarkin Interview At His Birdseye Building Studio Part I

  1. Joey,

    I need to be on a interview with you when you meet Jon again. I know how he feels having no depth perception and a trauma involving blood flow in the brain. I was very lucky but it explains a few things. Remarkable, that even being disabled he finds a creative outlet to harness this noise that resides within him….I also enjoy people who are wired different, not by choice…. “This person could be more interesting than you my friend…” No harm intended Joey…

    The WaBbIt RaBbiT


  2. On another note a brain Aneurysm is no joke and more common than people think. If you suffer from severe headaches, light sensitivity, loss of feeling to one side of the face, dementia, or a combination of these things maybe even a loss of balance get that checked.

    My mom had a operation lass year that involved a non cranial surgery. Meaning they dont open up the scull. They snake a wire to form a coil through a main artery to the circle of Willis and fill the balloon like sack so it doesn’t explode. Some are caused naturally like my mom others are caused by the swelling of blood vessels due to drug usage. Cocaine being the main culprit, just dont do it people. I have another relative who has now been diagnosed with weak blood vessels too. The last one is trauma as my grandfather passed from this. In his sleep he bleed out as my father held him after being hit with a medicine ball…I know a ton about this condition and have meet the two best Russian surgeons in the world for the treatment of it. Thats right Boston has the best chance of saving your life from this silent killer.

    I hope everyone understand how lucky we are being surrounded by the best specialty hospitals in the world….I’m very enthusiastic about spreading the word on this. I know I’m over sharing again on this but I think this part needs to be covered more. I hope everyone realizes how lucky this man is to have survived. His gift in exchange to all of us in art is a one in a billion.


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