Makin’ Rosa Rugosa Jelly For Marilyn Curcuru

Yesterday Sista Felicia, the Bean, Snoop Maddie Mad, Nephew BJ and Niece Amandacakes had a Rosa Rugosa jelly making day to support Marilyn Curcuru.

The Bean and Snoop Maddie mad Pick Rosa Rugosa Rose Hips-


Getting ready to jar the jelly-


Sharon posted this from the Gloucester Times a couple of weeks ago-

From the Times

To the editor:

Being friends of Jim and Marilyn Curcuru for many years, we are writing to ask our community for its help.

Many of you may or may not know Jim and Marilyn, so let me tell you about them. Marilyn was stricken with multiple sclerosis more than 25 years ago. She was employed by the now Shaw’s Supermarket.

Even though Marilyn is in a wheelchair and has been for many years, she was still sitting in at Shaw’s Railroad Avenue once in awhile. She is the person you see smiling and giving out samples.

Jim had his own business, Jim’s Frame Design, and while he continued to maintain his business, he would have to leave whenever Marilyn needed help at home since she was confined to a wheelchair. No one expects such horrible circumstances, but people deal with their problems.

Then, about five years ago, Jim had a major heart attack and almost died. Working miracles, his Boston doctors were able to save him. About two weeks ago, he had more problems and was forced to close his business.

Jim now has a small part-time job and they continue to struggle, but they continue to deal with what comes their way. Life has not been easy.

Recently, they had some problems with their old wheelchair-accessible van and Jim came up with the money to fix it, only to find out that, within weeks of the work being done, the floor of the van had rotted out. No one who had repaired the van had realized that the floor was falling through.

The floor of the van cannot be repaired. They now have no vehicle, and Marilyn is not only confined to her wheelchair, but to her house, too. Local wheelchair vans are only available for doctors and or medical appointments.

How do they keep going? Being the people that they are, they won’t ask for help, but they need it — desperately. Everyone is in tough times and many are out of work. We are hoping that with donations, they will be able to acquire a used wheelchair-accessible van, even though they are very expensive. With the help of the community, we’re hoping this can be achieved.

There are many businesses and organizations here in Gloucester that help people. We are hoping that some of them will come forward and help with donations as well. If there is anyone out there who can help with even a small donation (even a dollar) or knows someone who can help with a wheelchair accessible van that could be donated, they would be helped immensely.

If anyone would like to help, please send any checks made out to Jim and Marilyn Curcuru Van Fund. Any checks should be sent c/o Rockport National Bank, 4 Parker St., Gloucester, MA, 01930.

If you only have a dollar to spare, please feel free to drop any donation off in the afternoons at STUFF, 161 Main St., where there is a cash donation set up. If you have any questions or know of a van that might be available for them, please feel free to call Louise or Joe Palazzola at 978-281-1048, or Anthony and Eleanor Curcuru at 978-281-0874. We want to thank Rockport National Bank for setting up this account for them. Any and all questions will be appreciated.

Sista Felicia thought it would be a good way to raise money by making the Rosa Rugosa Jelly (which is delicious BTW)- the same one she canned for the Topsfield Fair, and sell it to raise money for the Jim and Marilyn Curcuru Van Fund.

So here’s the deal-

You can get a jar of Sista Felicia’s Rosa Rugosa Jelly made with extra love with the help of The Bean, Snoop Maddie Mad, BJ and Amandacakes for $10 per jar.  100% of the money raised will go to the Jim and Marilyn Curcuru Van Fund. If her Rosa Rugosa Jelly wins a Blue Ribbon at Topsfield Fair the price goes up to $12 per jar, so if you let me know you want me to save you a jar before next week when the judging at the Fair is announced you can lock in at the bargain price of $10. 🙂

This is so much better than a raffle or just a straight up donation because when you think of it you definitely walk away with something! Look for Sista Felicia’s Rosa Rugosa Jelly making video Wednesday on The Gloucester Daily Times website.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you would like a jar (or three).  You can pick up the jelly at Stuff 161 Main Street Gloucester MA beginning Thursday morning.

image image

18 thoughts on “Makin’ Rosa Rugosa Jelly For Marilyn Curcuru

  1. We’d really like a jar. But, being out here in KCMO, is it possible to have it shipped? We’d pay for shipping, or course. Or, maybe, we could pick it up on our next trip through, sometime in 2011. Anyway, jelly or not, a check is on its way to the fund.


  2. i’ll go down and get a jar on thursday. i have some paintings to donate…they can sell them and give the funds towards the van. jim did a lot of great framing work for me over the years. and in the long winter months when i covered Chrislee DarRand, he kept a pot of hot coffee going.

    wishing them the best of luck,


  3. Felicia, we can’t thank you enough for this!

    BTW, I also had the pleasure of tasting this jelly and it is DELICIOUS!.
    The people of Gloucester never cease to amaze me at how generous they are.
    You will not be disappointed when you have your first mouthful of Rosa Rugosa Jelly!


  4. Save 3 for me please. That is to honor how many games it took for Jimmy’s “Yellow Sub” softball team to sweep, best of 5, my “Slugs” in Bob Stottlemyer’s Semi-fast league down Mattos Field about 35 years ago. Good “Stuff”.


  5. I can tell you first hand watching the process of this jelly being made by my grandchildren The Bean, Snoopmad, BJ and Amanda how excited they were to make this jelly for such great people who really need our help. Felicia and Joey (my children) so proud of you for doing this for Marilyn


    1. Stuff is literally a short walk up that funky alley where the old Empire was and next to The Dress Code. There weren’t a whole ton left but you could stop in as its only a block from the Farmers Market. I can’t promise there will be any left because I’m not sure if they all sold yesterday.

      if anyone ordered one in the comments here before this comment your order of jars are being held for you at Stuff through the weekend. Thanks so much!


  6. I would like five jars, however from above comments do not think I will be home in time (Wed) before they are all gone. A check is in the mail however, and hope it helps toward such a necessary addition to their lives.


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