The Two Palaverers Video Interview

Interview with New England’s most well travelled adventurers- Rob and Laura Ciampa.

Newly added to the blogroll as well.  Rob and laura bring the best of New England to you!

Rob tell us the truth, you’re exaggerating just a little bit, aren’t you? 😉 

Check out the two Palaverers Here-


OK Joey breathe deep.

Just to get it out of the way right off the bat- no, I’m not joining Facebook.

I completely recognize that Facebook is taking over the intrawebs.  I am not a Facebook hater.  I can appreciate what a powerful communicating tool it is.  The idea of being able to find your old buddies from college or high school and other people that you’ve known or know and communicate with them so easily is something that appeals to me.  I’m the type of person that can never have too many friends.

It is precisely the reason that I know I will be completely engrossed in it that I won’t join.  We don’t want the blog to suffer now do we?

The reason for bringing this up is because I often get friend requests for Facebook and I don’t want folks to think that I don’t want to Facebook “Friend” them.  I just don’t have an account.  So don’t take it as a snub when you don’t see me pop up in your account if you’ve asked me to be your FB friend- it’s just that I’ve somehow resisted the whole thing.

Inside The Numbers- April 29,2010

This seemed to be a popular feature so I thought I’d share it with you guys, because the blog really is about all of us coming together, sharing and conversing.  These are some stats I look at daily to see where the interest is.  This is a small snippet of the long list of posts which had traffic on April 29th.  Looks like sister Felicia’s Arancini video beat out Paul Morrison’s martini post by a nose hair.

Kevin aka ciabat Represents!

Kevin from New Jersey who joined the GMG Flickr group and contributes fantastic fishing industry photos from Point Pleasant New Jersey drove up to say “Hey” and attend the GFAA fundraiser at Lat 43 last night.  Kevin takes outstanding photos and loves the fishing industry and everything to do with it.   Here he is in the office.  It’s an honor to have him part of the GMG team.


Danger Rocks!

Schooner Adventure at the Gloucester Marine Railways
Adventures Butt (I think that's the Nautical Term)

For more Information on the Gloucester Marine Railways Click on the Link below