Red Skiff Eggs Benedict with hash

My daughter wants to see every sunrise but I slipped up this morning and was out there at 6:15 AM and even though I would call it rising in her book it was way too late. To console her we all went to The Red Skiff for breakfast. A rock throw from the lighthouse in the middle of the street (OK locals tell me the name of it).

To do my cub reporting correctly I had the special listed at the top of the whiteboard. Eggs Benedict with hash. I think it was red hash.

[Expletive deleted], [Expletive deleted] my goodness this was good. From bottom to top, English muffin, soft but still with a crispy top, the hash, rich and no diet reduction working here, on that a perfect poached egg, not runny but it was just a few seconds before it was pulled, then a remarkable Benedict sauce on top.

After the first bite I said: “self, if you eat this and the home fries you are going to regret it. Do not touch them. (I listened to myself and the home fries went doggy bagging home to a late sleeper who enjoyed them)

But back to breakfast. I did not share, I wanted it all. The hash was amazing. I don’t want to argue about who has better hash. Two Sisters is in the running. But when you layer all these good things and keep the crunch in the top of the english muffin while everything else is going all gooey this was a good start to the day.

I was purchasing ping pong balls at Cracker Jacks an hour later. Trying to find change I mentioned that, oh, don’t have the quarter since I put it in the meter in front of the Red Skiff this morning and then we get to talking about hash and how she doesn’t like hash because as a kid it was not so good. I felt the same way my entire life until a few years ago. Hash when you were a kid was terrible. Your parents were making a cheap meal made of leftovers and a potato. I think I may have convinced her to try hash again for the first time.

I used to hate peas for the same reason. Seven kids and mom plates canned peas in front of you they were terrible. Now one of my favorite foods just poking out of the garden this week.

Update: Peeps III coming, Art has Revenge, they are back at Shaws.
I missed my 2PM deadline because of kayaking to Pigeon Cove before the big black cloud arrived. But I have Homie pics from that.

This Weeks Events at The Cape Ann Healing Center

YogaKids Family and Tween Haiti Fundraiser Classes

followed by Reiki Clinic
at the Treetop Yoga Studio
In This Issue
YogaKids Family and Tween Classes
Reiki Clinic

Join Our List
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See below for more great classes this weekend!  Please forward this email on to anyone with kids or in need of healing.  We are so happy to be able to provide these workshops and are grateful for the help in spreading the word!
As always, donations are appreciated.  For YogaKids Karma Yoga Classes, 100% of donations will benefit YogaKids Bridge of Diamonds Haiti Relief Effort.
Thanks again!

with Candy Baxter

Family Yoga ( Ages 4+) – Saturday, April 24  1:30 – 2:15
This playful family class will include yoga poses, a guided visualization and creating cards that will be delivered to children inHaiti.

Tween/Teen Yoga – Saturday, April 24 2:30 – 3:30
Class will focus on the country of Haiti and the importance of service. Traditional asanas, partner poses and games with a guided visualization. Students will create cards to be delivered to Teens in Haiti.

Donations appreciated for this Karma Yoga Class, 100% of donations to benefit YogaKids Bridge of Diamonds Haiti Relief Effort.

Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Call 978-282-1191x 1 to register.

***Please enter through back door and meet instructor in the kitchen.  No unattended children allowed in the building at any time.***

Intro to Reiki Healing and Reiki Clinic

with Silvie Lockerova

Saturday, April 24th, 4-6 PM

This FREE* clinic is designed for reiki students and practitioners with Level 1, 2 or 3 experience to get together and practice the healing technique. The clinics are open to anyone who would like to receive free reiki treatment and as an introduction to the formal Reiki 1 and 2 classes taught by Silvie. Donations are appreciated.

Reiki is a natural and safe healing technique that anyone can perform.  It can help to get into deep relaxation, supports detox and organ cleansing, supports spiritual development and creativity, removes physical pain and helps the body heal from illness, helps sleep, reduces stress and depression, stimulate immunity, lower blood pressure, and much more.

Pre-registration required, call 978-282-1191  x 1 to register. For info contact Silvie at

*FREE workshops are open to the community.  Pre-registration is required as space is limited. Donations are accepted towards the development of future free community programming and though accepted in any denomination, we recommend donations to the best of your ability reflecting the sacred numbers of $7, $11, or $22 to bring your prosperity back to you.

As always please forward to help spread the word. You can also click on the link below to share on your facebook page. Hope to see you there!

Bright Blessings,

Dr. Nicole K. Andrade

News From Rockport Music! Second Paula Cole Concert Added

From Gregg Sorensen

Greetings, Joey:

Thank you for mentioning that single tickets were going on sale for Rockport Music’s season.  Our offices was flooded with requests to purchase tickets!

Here’s some information that I’d like to share with you….

Rockport Music, presenter of the Rockport Chamber Music Festival, is experiencing unprecedented demand for tickets to its inaugural season in the Shalin Liu Performance Center, which opens on June 10, 2010. Since tickets went on sale on March 15, nine of twenty-four concerts have sold out.

Rockport Music is pleased to announce that it has added a second performance for the Rockport appearances of Grammy Award-winning singer Paula Cole. The new date is Friday, August 6, at 8 p.m. at the Shalin Liu Performance Center, located at 37 Main Street in downtown Rockport, Massachusetts. The first performance, Saturday, August 7 at 8 p.m. sold out two weeks ago. In the intervening days, Rockport Music received many phone calls from local residents and fans of Paula Cole, who were very disappointed to discover that the concert was sold out. States Rockport Music Director of Marketing Gregg Sorensen, “Paula Cole is a real treasure, not only for local residents, but for countless fans around the globe. Rockport Music is grateful to Ms. Cole for finding time in her very busy schedule to add an additional concert during the inaugural season of our new home, the Shalin Liu Performance Center. It’s with great anticipation that we await her performances in August.”

Rockport Music’s first season in the Shalin Liu Performance Center begins on June 10. The organization’s signature series, the Rockport Chamber Music Festival, includes 20 classical chamber music concerts from June 10-July 18. The newest series, Rockport Music Presents, features five jazz, world-music, and pop concerts from July 24 – August 8. During the summer, Rockport Music also offers a number of special events to enhance the audience’s concert experience. Those include prelude suppers, lectures, master classes, a DVD/lecture, and two free Family Concerts.

Tickets may be purchased by calling 978-546-7391  or by visiting

Thank you!


Last Call for Tee Ball At The Cape Ann YMCA

Tee Ball Leagues

(Dynomites – ages 3.5-5 in preschool)

(Mites- grades k-1st)

Lets play ball! Come join the fun in the YMCA T-ball league. Games are played on Saturday morning at the O’maley Softball Field with a 30 practice and 30 minute game starting May 1st. Registrations are due April 24th. For more information see the parents or coaches handbook located at the front desk. All those interested in coaching are asked to join us for a meeting April 27th.


Soft Ball Field- Saturday Mornings.

Fee: YMCA Members $50 Community $75

Katy Milne | Youth & Sports Director
Cape Ann YMCA

71 Middle Street | Gloucester, MA 01930
(M) 978-283-0470 ext. 1714 | (F) 978-283-3114 |

We Build Strong Kid, Strong Families, Strong Communities

If you would like to help support the YMCA click here.

Trash to Treasure

Each time we do a major clean out at our house, I put a big box of stuff out by the side of the street and mark it with a FREE sign. It’s gratifying to see the “stuff”
slowly disappear from the box to be put to use in a new home. I looked out on Sunday evening and saw someone drive up to take the few remaining items and the container. Time to fill another box!! Happy Earth Day! Keep it alive!

Aloha from a Gloucester Native!

My sister told me about this yesterday. Angus is part of our MacFeeley/Lowe extended family growing up in Magnolia.

Gloucester Daily Times:

To the editor:

The GHS Docksiders “dockside” performance at the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor on Sunday was fantastic.

For me and many visitors who were there that morning, it was like travelling in time as WWII era tunes echoed from the USS Arizona Memorial, along Battleship Row where WWII began, to the decks of the USS Missouri, where the Japanese surrender was signed.

It was impressive, in a place where everything is normally done on “Hawaiian time,” to see these young performers shake off jet lag, set up, and perform so professionally.

Pearl Harbor historical sites bring to visitors a unique sense of time and what was experienced during the attack on Pearl Harbor and through the war in the Pacific.

The Docksiders’ performance, on a quiet Sunday morning much like the very early Dec. 7, 1941, brought a rare and even greater sense of that time to those of us who were there. For me, it gave pause to remember my father who worked at Pearl Harbor Shipyard during the war and returned to Gloucester to start BOMCO during the 1950s.

It was more than a performance of 1940s Big Band music by an exquisite band. Through their director, Dave Adams, these young musicians expressed their respect and honored those who experienced World War II by bringing their music back to life. They connected themselves to a place and time that will, for many future generations, be remembered for the cost of freedom and the price paid by America’s ‘greatest generation’.

I have a fresh sense of hope for the future as I saw, in these young musicians, high caliber ability, hard work, and excellence.

Their generation is pretty darn good, too.

Congratulations, Gloucester! Mahalo Nui Loa!

Angus MacFeeley

Wahiawa, Hawaii

(Gloucester High School Class of 1970)