New Year’s Rockport Eve

For Info on Rockport New Year’s Eve celebration click Motif #1

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that GMG nor anyone connected with GMG has convinced the sea chantey music group “Three Sheets to the Wind” to sing about a sea captain’s wife complaining of too many sailors brought home by her husband. They will be singing other sea chanteys from 10-10:45 & 11-11:45 PM upstairs at the Rockport firehouse. Then you have 15 minutes to get to the twenty million dollar jewel encrusted ball drop back at Motif #1.

Fun Fact: New Year’s Eve is also the first time in twenty years that a Blue moon occurs on that day. A Blue moon is when there are two full moons in the same month. When this posts at 2PM you only have until 3:03 PM today to go take a photo of that Blue Moon rising. (It sets at 7:07 AM tomorrow in the rain.)

Happy New Year, Kiritimati!

Kiritimati is the first inhabited place on Earth to experience the New Year each year.

Kiritimati or Christmas Island is a Pacific Ocean atoll in the northern Line Islands and part of the Republic of Kiribati was discovered by Captain James Cook on Christmas Eve (24 December) 1777. It was claimed by the United States under the Guano Islands Act of 1856, though little actual mining of guano took place.

The entire island is a Wildlife Sanctuary; access to five particularly sensitive areas is restricted.

The name “Kiritimati” is a rather straightforward transliteration of the English word “Christmas” into Gilbertese – where the ‘ti’ combination is pronounced ‘s’ – and thus pronounced [kəˈrɪsməs]. Similarly Kiribati is a transliteration of Gilberts with the K replacing the G and the R replacing the L.

This part of the Republic of Kiribati is in the world’s furthest forward time zone.

So we say- Happy New Year to 2010!

A View of Cape Ann Massachusetts Video Done By Bait and Tackle Ad Co For The Chamber of Commerce

My guess is you’ve probably never seen this so we may as well bring it to the masses.

How many of you check out the Chamber’s website regularly?  They keep a great local event calendar maintained by the professional staff.  Bookmark it if you haven’t already.  Ready-Set-Bookmark It!-

Mary Rhinelander’s Limited Edition Cape Ann Blue Willow China Design

There is a limited edition copy of Mary Rhinelander’s Blue Willow China Pattern Design at Alexandra’s Bread Co.

It hasn’t been made into china yet but I’m thinking that some of the finer shops in town like The Black Swan, Stone Leaf, Pauline’s Gifts or Pisces would sell the hell out of this if it were made into China to collectors or people that love the area.

Timeless, just like the stuff that comes out of the Acorn Press.  This framed, numbered, limited edition print sells for only $35 at Alexandra’s Bread Co.

Video at 8AM

click pic for full sized version