Shop locally during Essex’s 1st Holiday Shopping Day. Dozens of participating businesses will be offering everything from free food and drink, discounts and sales to complimentary gift wrapping. There will be raffle prizes and silent auction items to bid on, storytelling and caroling.

Click here for more information:

Please be sure to visit me selling my “I’d Rather Be Down River” Essex gear at the Silly Goose Toy Store at 166 Main Street all day on Saturday!  We will have cookies……………….lots of cookies…………..

Pollock Heads Up Close and Personal

I remember this time of year (pollock season) when we used to handle fish.  Frankie and I would steak (chop the heads off) so many pollock that we could barely lift our arms and the cleavers we used would feel like they weighed 100 lbs at the end of the night.

We would unload the pollock and dump them into vats because there would never be enough fish totes to hold them.  Then we would steak them and pack them in 100 lb boxes for shipping to New York.

We would beg Jerry Olsen to hold the New York truck for us til the very last moment to try to get as much pollock steaked as possible.

Going home  trembling, arms numb around 9:30PM.  Its a wonder we never lopped off a thumb accidentally.  You would grab each fish in it’s eye socket and try to get as close to that eye socket with the cleaver to get the highest percentage of fish to ship.  The further from that eye socket  the more gets left on the head and is loss.   Coming down and splitting through the fishes head with the cleaver sending blood all over.  At the end of the night you would be covered in pollock blood and scales.

When you finally get home shaking you get under the shower head and let the hot water beat down on you cleaning away the blood and scales and massaging the throbbing muscles in your arms, shoulders and back.  Get out of the shower, stuff something down your throat and get to bed as soon as possible knowing that in a few short hours you were going to have to be back down the dock loading the truck at 3:30AM with the pollock you couldn’t get through and load it on the truck for the Boston Auction.

You know that sleep is critical because you’ll be on the road at 4:30 to get the fish to Boston to make that day’s auction.  Grabbing multiple cups of coffee to try to stay awake on the road into town.

Once you get into town the Auction would take place at 6:00AM and when it ended you would go to unload all the fish from the truck at different fish houses in South Boston.

Generally with pollock you didn’t have to battle with the fish houses as the fish was all super fresh.  So by the time you get done delivering  the fish you get back to Gloucester around 11:00AM and prepare to unload boats for the rest of the afternoon and get to steaking that pollock and cod and packing them up for the next day’s market. Rinse, lather, repeat every day.

I remember wishing so badly for bad weather to try to get some rest and recovery for my aching body.


Pollock Heads Up Close and Personal, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Don’t Forget “Toys for Tots”

Toy Drop at George’s Coffee Shop, at the corner of Washington Street and Centennial Avenue, is collecting donations for Toys for Tots. All toys will be given to children in need through the U.S. Marine Corp Reserve.

AMVETS Post 32 in support of U.S. Marine Corps, will conduct their Christmas “Toys for Tots” collections from now until Dec. 22. Organizations and businesses may participate by donating space to place a “Toy Box.” Toys may be dropped off at AMVETS Post 32, 14 Prospect St., anytime after 10 a.m., Monday through Saturday and after 11 a.m. on Sundays. If you wish to make a financial donation, make your check payable to: USMC Toys for Tots and mail to AMVETS Post 32. Only new, unwrapped toys can be accepted as gifts. Your help would be greatly appreciated. For more information, call Tom Glen at 978-2883-7516 or e-mail

The Latest On The Opening Of MAC Fitness Gloucester

If you decide to join up make sure you let em know that Joey Ciaramitaro from Good Morning Gloucester sent you.  I’d love to be able top get a group of GMGers in there this winter to meet up and work out and keep each other motivated.


MAC Fitness Gloucester, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

The Latest From MAC Fitness Gloucester-

We are so excited to open your new club.  The final touches on the club are complete.  All of the equipment has been installed and we are working to get our building inspection complete.  When this is done we will open our doors and welcome you for the first of many great workouts.

At this point we expect to open any day.  Please check our web site at for updates.  We will post a NOW OPEN banner on the site.

The club hours are:

Monday – Thursday     5 am to 9 pm

Friday                          5 am to 7 pm

Saturday and Sunday    6 am to 6 pm

You are also welcome to call us at any time at (978) 283-8900.

I am pleased to announce our club staff to you!

Susan Hensley, Club Manager

Joe DiAngelo, Personal Training and Membership

Lauren Riley, Personal Training and Membership

Marette LeBoeuf, Personal Training and Membership

Aaron Loicano, Personal Training and Membership

Megan Goddard, Membership

Jepth Lawson, Membership

Yep, It’s my Toyota steering wheel!

As I sat in traffic Sunday waiting patiently for the Santa parade, I sillily (I love fake words)snapped a photo with my phone of my RAV4 steering wheel.

Everyone got this one!

  1. A Toyota logo off a wheel maybe?

    By: Hye Tyde on November 30, 2009
    at 12:14 pm

  2. Looks like the steering wheel of a Toyota

    By: Rocko on November 30, 2009
    at 1:02 pm


    By: kyle on November 30, 2009
    at 1:12 pm

  4. Looks like a Toyota logo — the right half of it, rotated 90° CCW…

    By: Rob T on November 30, 2009
    at 1:43 pm

  5. toyota emblem on steering wheel?

    By: pam on November 30, 2009
    at 3:44 pm

  6. Don’t laugh; But is it a steering wheel from a Toyota……I’m laughing at myself as I am writing this thinking if I am wrong I will sound like a total idiot.

    By: Frank on November 30, 2009
    at 4:51 pm

  7. trick would be to hold a mirror and complete a certain japanese car logo . . . . ?

    By: tugster on November 30, 2009
    at 6:29 pm


  8. this looks like my gone but not forgotten Toyota emblem on the beloved 4Runner

    By: sandy on November 30, 2009
    at 7:09 pm

  9. The Toyota car company emblem.

    By: Eric on November 30, 2009
    at 8:19 pm

  10. Its half of an upside down dancing sombrero ( Toyota Emblem) most likley from a fork lift judging by background.. The upside down dancing sombrero is what our old Toyota Trainer called it.

    By: Mark Gelinas on November 30, 2009
    at 9:11 pm

Snoop Mad and The Bean Bake Cookies at Tee Tee’s House


The Bean Is Dialed In.  Would you Just Look At That Intensity

Snoop Mad and The Bean Bake Cookies at Tee Tee's House
Snoop Mad and The Bean Bake Cookies at Tee Tee's House

GHS Thanksgiving Day Game Vs Danvers Pics From David Cox

GMG’s David Cox and Thom Falzorano have field passes for tonight’s State Game at Manning Bowl.  Look for our GHS football coverage  tomorrow with hundreds and hundreds of pics of the Gloucester High Football and Cheerleading squads.  Who brings you GHS Football coverage like GMG?  Nobody!

click this text for David Cox Thanksgiving Game Slide Show

Gloucester Santa Parade Pics From David Cox

Slide Show With Hundreds of Photos Tonight at 8PM


Gloucester Santa Parade Pics From David Cox, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

click pics for larger versions
click pics for larger versions
Gloucester Santa Parade Pics From David Cox
Gloucester Santa Parade Pics From David Cox
Gloucester Santa Parade Pics From David Cox
Gloucester Santa Parade Pics From David Cox
Gloucester Santa Parade Pics From David Cox