I Hope All This Fame Isn’t Going To David’s Head!

Thom Falzarano and David Cox are about ready to bring GHS Sports Photography to a whole new level here on GMG.  Stay tuned!
If you’re ever downtown swing into Main Street Art and Antiques and ask David to see his scrapbook clippings from his sporting days. 🙂

Sunday Surfing in Hoop Pole Cove

Went for a walk on the Atlantic Ave path wrapping around Andrews Point and what did I spy but two surfers in wet suits standing on the granite looking at the waves.

But  where is the other one? Not sure how he did it but one of them got out there. I was running up to the house to get the family to witness craziness and missed exactly how he did it. (I also got my cell phone so I could call the Rockport FD when they bashed their brains on the rocks.)

To the left is Hoop Pole Cove where the lone surfer ended up. He rode some amazing waves then somehow exited stage left. Coming up on low tide the rocks were slick black. I’m still a little surprised I wasn’t making a phone call. (Click on pick for larger.)

Christmas Eve at Sister Felicia’s House

If you grew up in a Sicilian house in Gloucester you know what this is-

I’m so glad my sister and mother keep up my Grandmother’s traditions.

No, You Don't Eat The Cranberries