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More Details From Mary Rhinelander’s Limited Edition Cape Ann Blue Willow China Design

Note the Lobster, Fish, Schooner, Mussels, Hammond Castle, Dogbar Breakwater and Cut Bridge?  That’s all in one little section of the design!

In this section there is a dragger,scallops, starfish, sandollars, and the lighthouse.

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Again you can head on down to Alexandra’s Bread Co to buy this limited edition numbered print all framed for only $35.  That’s just ridiculous!  Make sure to tell Alexandra if you had any interest in buying a plate or set of the china if this print is ever produced in that form.

Mary Rhinelander’s Limited Edition Cape Ann Blue Willow China Design

There is a limited edition copy of Mary Rhinelander’s Blue Willow China Pattern Design at Alexandra’s Bread Co.

It hasn’t been made into china yet but I’m thinking that some of the finer shops in town like The Black Swan, Stone Leaf, Pauline’s Gifts or Pisces would sell the hell out of this if it were made into China to collectors or people that love the area.

Timeless, just like the stuff that comes out of the Acorn Press.  This framed, numbered, limited edition print sells for only $35 at Alexandra’s Bread Co.

Video at 8AM

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