Slingdaddy TONIGHT!

From Frank Hawks-

Just a reminder that Slingdaddy will be returning to Elliot’s @ the
on Saturday, December 26th.

So if you have enjoyed us in the past, come down and show off your new clothes that Santa brought.

Elliot’s is located at 2 Main St in downtown Gloucester.

It will be our lead singer’s final performance with us as he has decided
to leave to pursue other interests.  We will keep everyone posted on the
progress with our new lead singer for future shows.

Happy Holidays!

Letter To Santa Christmas 09

In case you’re wondering,  Ziggy is the Elf on the Shelf who reported for duty in our house.
From The Elf on The Shelf Wiki-
Elf on the Shelf
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition begun in the 1970’s by Carol Aebersold. The tradition began when Aebersold’s children became curious about how Santa was able to determine who was naughty and who was nice. Aebersold answered their question by introducing her children to a toy elf and explained to them that the elf was one of Santa’s scouts and that every night he made a trip to the North Pole to report on their behavior. Every morning, after completing his journey, the elf was found in a different location in their house.

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Whew! What a ride!

This Christmas season was a roller coaster ride of huge proportions. The calendars flew off the shelves faster than I could produce them. So I’ll need a new plan for next year! The two schools where I teach had more work than I thought, so although I was super busy, I was able to participate in the kids’ plays and concerts. Adorable! I got to shop with and for my own kids and grandkids and loved spending time with them.

Unfortunately, my mother had to finally go to a nursing home. My sister Pat did an incredible job of taking care of her way above the call of duty. She and my brother-in-law were able to keep her home for quite a while. A big thank you goes out to  our long time family friend Jan Dunsky (who works at Adult Foster Care) for her help and support throughout this difficult decision. But on the upside, Mom was with the whole family at Pat and Bob’s house yesterday and enjoyed having her favorite dog Tia next to her in the big recliner.

Although it’s been pretty stressful for the whole family this season, yesterday was just perfect. I’m so thankful for my family and friends who make life an amazing roller coaster ride!    —Sharon

Where Zat?

I was walking the other day and this little mosaic was just right smack in the middle of the road.  I have no idea how it got there or why it was placed where it was but it was a neat little piece of Gloucester funk.  Me likey.

Who knows where it is or the story behind it?

Where Zat?, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Wary Meyers Lobsters Playing Before The Storm Print

I saw this picture in the link  to Wary Meyers site on the Casco Bay Boaters Blog but once on the Wary Meyers site I could never find this actual full sized print.

Paulie Frontiero showed me the light yesterday- thanks Paulie.

Chickity Check The Wary Meyers Print Shop which has a ton of  beautiful nautical prints by clicking the pic below.