Sundance winner ‘Coda’ big night movie premiere at Gloucester Cinema – great article by Gail McCarthy Gloucester Daily Times

Beautiful read and interviews! More photos from the Vitale family and Film Cape Ann below.

“The charms of Gloucester exploded on the big screen at the local unveiling of the film “CODA,” a four-time winner at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

The special event Thursday evening, intended for those who worked or assisted in some way with the film, turned out to be “the” premiere  after  director Sian Heder learned that the West Coast screening was canceled.

“Our premiere in L.A. isn’t happening so you are at the premiere,” she told the attendees at the Gloucester Cinema on Essex Avenue. “But I’m so excited to be here and share this with you. This is the first time I am seeing it with an audience. This film is a love letter to Gloucester…”

Gail McCarthy
‘A love letter to Gloucester’: Sundance winner ‘CODA’ premieres before local crowd
Gloucester Daily Times
published on line Saturday July 24, 2021, in print Monday

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Film Cape Ann

Filmed in Gloucester in late summer and fall in 2019 before Covid, the movie benefited from the local Film Tax Credit (as will the upcoming movie, Confess, Fletch, starring John Slattery and Jon Hamm). Locations in town for CODA feature Pratty’s and the bandstand in Rockport. Many local hires involved, including Elana Lee, ASL interpreter.

“#FilmCapeAnn was thrilled to have CODA anchored in our area.

Productions that highlight the core beauty of our year round working waterfront depicted in CODA, and past films like The Perfect Storm & Manchester-by-the-Sea, are a huge part of the area’s contribution to the Massachusetts film industry, and making the Mass. Film Incentive permanent. We thank the MA Film Office and State Senator Bruce Tarr & Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante for their strong effort with this incentive as well.” 

Meg Jarrett, Film Cape Ann

Photo credits below: Film Cape Ann

Photo credits below: Action! from the film shoot (early fall 2019, before Covid; and the big premiere night 2021. Courtesy the Vitale family

Great crowd for Quentin Callewaert & Safety Gloucester Harbor Loop concert

Different musicians every Thursday, 6-9PM sponsored by Pratty’s, Go Spring Water, Seacoast, Rhumb Line, Noble Electric and Maplewood Car Wash 

These photos are scenes from the Quentin Callewaert & Safety concert August 3, 2017.


Maritime Gloucester’s aquarium sign mural looks good!



August 3 2017 Thursday nights Harbor Loop summer concert series Gloucester MA


The day after Oscars for Manchester by the Sea: Gloucester and Cape Ann shine at MPC MA film and media event at WGBH

Talk about timing! The topics for the fascinating Massachusetts Production Coalition (MPC) event held at WGBH were planned  in advance of any Academy Awards results. After a season of many accolades including the prior evening’s Oscars news, boy did that gathering buzz. Conversations sparked with local names, industry folks, businesses and locales such as: Willow Rest, Pratty’s, local film folks, Gloucester Stage, Israel Horovitz, Kenneth Lonergan, local police, Rt 128, and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

The two featured presentations were Legendary Entertainment’s Matt Marolda on analytics in film, followed by a Meg Montagnino-Jarrett led panel discussion on the making of Manchester by the Sea.

Manchester by the Sea behind the scenes panel discussion led by Meg Montagnino Jarrett, MPC winter event 2017 at WGBH. Projected photograph illustrates jobs on the movie such as the Unit Stills photographer on Manchester by the Sea, Claire Folger

Massachusetts Production Coalition reception at WGBH

wardrobe Manchester by the Sea – requests for Pratty’s t-shirts



L-R: Meg Montagnino-Jarrett (Film Liaison Cape Ann) facilitated panel: Carolyn Pickman (casting director), Alex Berard (Location Manager) and Kai Quinlan (not pictured/ also Location manager), Ryan Johnson(Lead Man), Joanna Murphy (Asst Costume Designer), Joe Boreland (not pictured)

Matthew Marolda, Legendary Entertainment, presentation at MPC winter 2017 event WGBH Boston

Matthew Marolda from Legendary Entertainment, featured presentation on film and analytics at 2017 MPC winter event held at WGBH


Chris O’Donnell MPC update (slide shows Massachusetts Film Set Day at the State House in the Hall of Flags (brought the local movies production jobs to the statehouse)


MPC sponsors, MPC board president opening remarks

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Gloucester in the Boston Globe and at the Oscars: a win for Pratty’s and Casey Affleck for Manchester by the Sea

Meg Montagnino-Jarrett great job working with the filmmakers!

Pratty’s CAV bar

Kevin Cullen Boston Globe article.


Another location from the film and winter, winter, winter

Dec 19 2016

Pratty’s Cape Ann Veterans Completes 30 Years in Business


Pratty’s C.A.V. in Gloucester, MA completes 30 years in business on April 1, 2016 and will celebrate with a weekend full of festivities and fundraising to support local war veterans. The real history of this establishment started back in 1947 as a veteran’s club called Cape Ann Veterans (CAV) and was run by John Madruga. It was located above where Connolly Seafood is now and later moved to the current location on Parker St. It was started by the Korean War veterans and in the late 1950’s Earl Foote bought the business and changed it to Earl’s Cape Ann Vets. After about 15 years in business, Sherm Anderton took over and renamed it Sherm’s Cape Ann Vets. After working for both Earl Foote and Sherm Anderton, James Pratt bought the business in 1985 and renamed it Pratty’s Cape Ann Veterans.

James Pratt, known locally as Jimmy, got involved in the bar business at a young age. His father, Ralph Pratt, owned the original Hideaway, Kazbar, and Ra-Jo’s with his wife Josie. Josie Pratt also owned a Lebanese restaurant and night club in Magnolia, next to the current fire station, called The Open Door. Jimmy started working at Ra-Jo’s at age 13 as a dishwasher and from there worked his way through the ranks and had pretty much every job in the restaurant. Jimmy was in the US Coast Guard and would often take leave to come manage the restaurant with his older brother Michael while his parents would vacation to Florida. While in the Coast Guard, Jimmy Pratt served in the Vietnam War from 1969-1970 on the US Coast Guard’s 378ft ship, the Cutter Hamilton.

Earl Foote, who at the time already owned Earl’s Cape Ann Vets, purchased Ra-Jo’s in 1971 and renamed it Little Earl’s. At that point, Jimmy started working for Earl at the Vets bar and continued under Sherm. When Sherm was ready to sell the business, there was no question who the buyer would be. Jimmy became the proud owner of Pratty’s Cape Ann Vets in 1985 and continued the family legacy of bar ownership.

Pratty’s is an essential part of the local sports community. For all 30 years in business Jimmy has been a sponsor of local little leagues, men’s and women’s softball teams, dart teams, and basketball teams. Currently, Pratty’s sponsors 8 different teams and not only has almost every team won their respective championship in the past 3 years, but every team has a member of the Pratt family as part of their roster. For Jimmy, it is not just about owning a bar, its about supporting the community and giving back to the town he grew up in.

Throughout the years, Pratty’s has been featured on the big screen from Hollywood productions to television specials. Known to the regulars as “Parker Street Palace”, Jimmy has created an environment that fosters the veterans of all ages.

Gloucester Perspectives- Lou and Shirley From Kentucky

Lou and Shirley from Lexington Kentucky talk about their love of The Deadliest Catch, Pratty’s and Gloucester.

Lou and Shirley love the Deadliest Catch Television program.  Our friends over at Deadliest Reports ought to love this interview.

Pratty’s On Location for After The Catch Taping

Pratty’s is the location that was secured for the taping of “After The Catch” with Gloucester Captains jawing over beers with the skippers from The Deadliest Catch.