Rainbow Comes Out For EJ’s New Gallery Opening and It Leads Right To Madfish Wharf!


Uhmmm, coincidence that EJ opens Up her new Gallery On Madfish Wharf- Hobbit House II and at the very same moment a Rainbow magically appears?  I think not. 

Come out for Mug Up Sunday Morning!


Also featuring Anne Malveaux’ Belle and Me Line of Beautiful ScarvesDSC06760



Click Map for Directions-


10 thoughts on “Rainbow Comes Out For EJ’s New Gallery Opening and It Leads Right To Madfish Wharf!

  1. Best of luck with your new gallery, EJ! Wish I could attend the Mug Up but I’ll be in Maine for the weekend. I hope to catch up with you and the other GMG folks before too long. I’ve been in MA since May and haven’t yet made my appearance at a mug up. Shame on me!!!


    1. Rocky Neck is at the end of the rainbow, don’t you see. Being able to be back here on Madfish Wharf, a gift given to me by dear friend and fellow artist, Alma McLaughlin, is better than a bucket of gold.


  2. Joey, thanks so much for posting this! That rainbow was definitely a blessing sign to me when I saw it, and I don’t know if you saw it, but it was actually a triple rainbow. There was a double rainbow and then a little above it, very faint but there, was a third rainbow. I’ve never seen a triple rainbow in my life. All of us here on Madfish Wharf who saw it were amazed by it.


  3. You move so fast I can hardly keep up! Wish we could be there. Oh well, we have another year to come up with something interesting to bring. The bacon and chocolate thing is a bit passe at this point.


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