43" Striped bass Fishing Gloucester MA Guppy Lure Company! 7/7/12 top water fishing catch & release From Brianmoc

http://www.guppylure.com/index.html Now that the fish moved off this spot;
This year on my videos I’m trying to show some certain products which I truly believe in and Guppy Lures is one of them. Guppy makes a few different sizes my favorite is the 2oz mini pencil and is all you need for the Northshore. I have caught more than just this one fish on Guppy Pencils but out of the 14 days that I fished with it this was the best video view hit ect and hay? Largest fish. You get maximum distance out of every oz, slashes the water to and froth simply. Moreover, its size and color match the bait in the water. The paint holds better than say a Gibbs that losses its paint after 10 outings. Also it works better for only a few dollars more. If your looking to cover a lot of water and catch fish run this lure down at Surfland plum island or order them from RM Smith Tackle https://www.rmtackle.com/Guppy-Lures_c_21.html