Oriole Love Story In The Back Yard

I noticed some online queries regarding local sightings of hummingbirds and Baltimore Orioles; and if you follow Good Morning Gloucester, you know that we have had hummingbirds visiting for about 2 weeks now. But the Orioles seemed a little later than usual. We finally have sighted them now for several days in our backyard. I went out to get some backyard bird photos with another blog post in mind so that will have to wait because I observed our Orioles working on their spring mating rituals. The female signaled and awaited a mate at the meeting branch. Sure enough, he approached and they mated in quick fashion, as is the norm for many birds. He flew off and went for a little nourishment at the feeder. We look forward to additional orioles soon! For more of the story and additional photos, check out Pat D’s Photos and Adventures on Facebook.

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