Patty Wall submits: Attention Parents of Middle School Students inGloucester & Rockport.

Attention Parents of Middle School Students in
Gloucester & Rockport.

The principals of each school received Flag Day Essay information. I encourage you to have your children participate. there will be 1 winner from each grade that will receive $100.

A total of $600 is awarded to the Middle school students.

The winning students will be invited to speak and read the winning Essays at this celebration. — with Joey Ciaramitaro and 2 others.


Vendors Wanted For 3 Upcoming Local Block Parties!
Dates Are As Follows:
June 17, July 22, August 19
Each Event Will Be Located On Lexington Ave Magnolia

If You Are Interested In Signing Up To Be A Vendor Click The Link Below & Fill Out The Form

Vendor Spots Are First Come First Serve
Spots Are Limited
Deadline To Sign Up: May 28, 2023

For More Information Please Email:

The Cupboard of Gloucester gearing up for the season at Stage Fort Park.

Stage Fort Park after the rain on this atmospheric morning was formal and dreamy. Skies above felt like passages in paintings by Odilon Redon and Florine Stettheimer. May 21, 2023.

GloucesterCast 654 Livestream Taped 5/21/23 Link to Join



GloucesterCast 654 Livestream Taped 5/21/23

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Topics Include:
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Read if you’re ready to leave your renters era.

Cape Ann Home



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