G400+ Invites you to Literary Gloucester Walking Tours.  

The First Tour Begins at 10am Saturday, May 27th

Walking Tour Dates* (10am-Noon):

May 27

June 24

July 29

Aug 26

Sept 30

Gloucester has been home to great writers since at least the early nineteenth century.  Please click on the link below for more information. 

Meet at the Sawyer Free Library, temporary location, 21 Main Street, Gloucester, upstairs in the community room for a ten minute slide show, followed by a 1.5 hour walk around downtown Gloucester.

In case of rain, the slide show will be a longer program.

Tours are free but tips are accepted

*Capacity is limited; reservations helpful: JoeAnn@joeannhart.com


“Gloucester Story” auditions this Sunday, May 28

These are the two songs you’ll be asked to sing during Sunday’s auditions for “Gloucester Story.” Click on the image or this caption to go to the Audition Information page on our website to download a copy.

Besides the main roles, there are smaller roles available, as well as “Fishermen’s Wives Chorus,” “Fishermen’s Chorus,” and “Children’s Chorus” opportunities.  

When Clayton Stockbridge finished writing the original play in 1953, he included his own descriptions of the all the roles, like “Captain Nate,” “Liz Brewer,” and “Frenchie Boudreau.”

Read the 
Character Descriptions

There are many opportunities to participate in this historical community event.

Like Gloucester, the show is full of characters.
You just might fit the part! 
Gloucester Story reflects our community in 1905

Ann Lodge and Robert Thomas in a 1953 dress rehearsal. (Photograph by Bill Worden. Clayton Stockbridge Scrapbook of the Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Gloucester, MA. Gift of Agnes B. Stockbridge, 1973. [Accession #2083])
It is a dramatic story of the doomed fishing vessel, Artemesia, and the conflict between the desire of a life at sea and the business of fishing.  It involves a schooner vessel, a business owner, and his son who wishes to crew on the vessel in order to have the life experience at sea and not be confined to a business life on shore.  The son has resistance from his parents and fiancé in his quest to go to sea, and as a result becomes a part of the tragedy which strikes.    
Read All About It
Who was Clayton Stockbridge?
Clayton B. Stockbridge (1895-1973)
(Clayton Stockbridge Scrapbook of the Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives, Gloucester, MA.
Gift of Agnes B. Stockbridge, 1973. [Accession #2083]
The Plumber Playwright of Gloucester was a writer, singer, sculpture, and a one-time golf champion. And, boy could he carve fish bones. 
Read Clayton’s Bio
Now accepting applications for the AVP Theatrical Arts ScholarshipThe AVP is offering a scholarship of up to $1000 to students 8 – 22 years old that can be used for any artistic development, such as classes or private instruction in acting, voice, dance, costuming, etc., or tuition to a school or camp program offering such instruction. 
Apply Online

GloucesterCast 655 Livestream Taped 5/23/23 with Mayor Verga Link to Join Here-www.facebook.com/goodmorninggloucester



GloucesterCast 655 Livestream Taped 5/23/23 with Mayor Verga

Link to join here-  www.facebook.com/goodmorninggloucester 

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The Rhumb Line Live Music Schedule

With live music 7 days each week, The Rhumb Line is still a storied and epic destination to hear some phenomenal music. With a band/performer each day….and two shows on Fridays and Saturdays, there is music for every musical taste going. Be sure to check out the calendar often at https://www.therhumbline.com/calendar

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates and some live videos as well!



Here is this week’s schedule. In addition, Ron Leathers plays the early show on Friday and the Bob Davis Trio plays the early show on Saturday.

WEll, Hello Deer!

We had a lovely deer family visit the backyard a few days ago. I cannot resist fawn photos. This grouping appears to be a doe, a yearling and a fawn. The yearling is developing its horns which you can see by looking closely. The yearling seemed very interested in the fawn. He used his hoof to “guide” the fawn or perhaps to check it out. I don’t know what that behavior indicates but it was super intriguing to watch. As they retreated a bit to the undergrowth, the fawn got a good bathing from the doe. Tis the season for the fawns! I hope they return soon and often. More details and photos available at Pat D’s Photos and Adventures on Facebook. Give it a follow if you like what you see.

Join us on Sunday, May 28th from 6:00-9:00 PM for our Memorial Day Weekend Dinner Cruise to kick off the summer! 🛥️


Enjoy DJ Entertainment by@djscottiemac, a Prime Rib Dinner Buffet, and seasonal cocktails, all while taking in the ocean breeze and sweeping views of beautiful Cape Ann. 🌊

View the full menu and book your tickets at the link – https://beauportcruiselines.com/cruise-schedule/

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