2 thoughts on “Resident Beach Sticker Update

  1. Wait, check only? For real?

    I can’t even remember the last time I needed my check book… or where I put lo these many years ago lol


  2. Additional Information:
    $20 Resident Sticker (Valid for 1 Year)
    Proof of Gloucester vehicle registration -OR- if your car is not registered in Gloucester, proof of Gloucester property ownership required.*

    $3 Senior Resident Sticker (Valid for 3 Years)
    Proof of age 65 or older plus Gloucester vehicle registration -OR- property ownership required.

    $100 Seasonal Renter Sticker (Valid for 1 Year)
    Rental agreement for 60 or more consecutive days and cancelled rent check required.

    Non-Resident Stickers are NOT Available this Year

    * Exceptions made for military service members stationed in Gloucester and residents who have exclusive use of a company vehicle that is registered elsewhere.


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