GloucesterCast 652 Live From The Bluefin Blowout 5K May 7, 2023 Link to Join



GloucesterCast 652 Live From The Bluefin Blowout 5K May 7, 2023

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Careful What You Fish For

We found this determined egret in West Gloucester recently working its catch so that it could be consumed. The egret had a large fish and was trying to position it so that it could be swallowed. It dipped the fish several times into the water and back up again. Finally it was in position and down the hatch it went. You could clearly see the lump traveling down and such a large chunk apparently required a follow up gulp of water or two. This took several minutes and brought to mind a quote from my mother (adapted for the occasion): Be careful what you fish for. You might get it.

Sawyer Free Library to Host Author Talk with Emily Franklin: THE LIONESS OF BOSTON

Cape Ann Community

Sawyer Free Librarywill welcomeEMILY FRANKLIN—poetand award-winning author who has appeared in theNew York TimesandtheBoston Globe—for a discussion of her new bookTHELIONESS OF BOSTONonTuesday, May 9 at 6:00 pm. The event will be at theSawyer Free Library at 21 Main Streetin downtown Gloucester. Registration is required at note that space is limited.

A novel of historical fiction, “The Lioness of Boston”tells about the life of daring visionary Isabella Stewart Gardner, who created an inimitable legacy in American art and transformed the city of Boston itself.It is a portrait of what society expected awoman’s life to be, shattered by a courageous soul who rebelled and wasdeterminedto live on her terms.

A misfit who befriended other outcasts to rise into art and intellectual society, Isabella used her own collections to open the now-famous Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

By the time Gardner opened her…

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