Gardening Hurting your Back?

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Hopefully, the message we received from Mother Nature this past weekend is going to stick around. Of course, many of us spent that time outdoors thanks to the bright sunshine and pleasant temperatures.

As we continue rolling into spring, we are getting outside more often.

Maybe that means golf, tennis, swimming, kayaking, jogging or good old yard work. Getting the yard cleaned up, planting those pots, mowing the grass, bending down and using muscles that have been dormant all winter surely feels great in the moment, but it might mean some of you are sore the next day. You also may be experiencing tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, shin splints and more.

Doctor Sheri Russell has been helping people eliminate pain for 25 years! This is a great time of year to prioritize caring for your body so you can remain active, healthy & strong. Doing the things you love…

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First Whale Watch Of The Season Full of Ocean Wildlife

I look forward every year to taking several whale watch trips with Cape Ann Whale Watch but spring is my favorite time to take the ride. Easy parking at 415 Main Street, friendly staff and informative crew are among the reasons I enjoy these “wildlife safaris”. As a retired teacher, I appreciate the emphasis on education and research. So off I went this week on a gorgeous day. Though we did not have as many picture taking opportunities with the whales, we did get to see humpbacks, minke and fin whales. The highlight of the trip was probably the Atlantic white sided dolphins associated with 2 humpbacks apparently feeding from the plentiful grounds side by side. If you look carefully at the photos here, you can see them together. Those dolphins are so quick, they are difficult to capture. We also were entertained by the distinct chirping of the Artic Terns, Northern Gannets diving headfirst, and a little songbird attempting to find respite on one of the passenger’s hats. My lucky bright red “Whale Watching Wellies” brought a different kind of luck this time! Well worth the ride! Thank you naturalist Tina, Capt John and Jim Douglass for another fantastic experience.

Home Inspection Defects Not to Freak Out About

Cape Ann Home

By Jameson Malgeri

Purchasing a home is not always an easy process. It’s emotional, it’s stressful, and it’s overwhelming. After falling in love with a home you must go through negotiations, compete with other buyers, and obtain a home inspection. Home inspections are a stressful process of pointing out all the defects in the home you love, during an already turbulent time for buyers. No home is perfect and there are always problems, but it can be hard for buyers to distinguish between what should and should not get them worried. I thought it would be helpful to discuss some of the most common issues that come up that ARE NOT things to freak out about.

Missing GFCI Protection

When you really think about it, practically everything wrong with your electrical system is a safety concern. Home inspectors are required by our standards of practice to identify safety hazards…

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