Thank you all who came to 525 Day

On Thursday evening the 525 Day was held on Lexington Avenue.  Considering many other events going on the crowd was great.

Remember that the wonderful Magnolia Library and Community Center Farmers Market opens on June 4, 2023

Did you know there is a store on Lexington Avenue that sells wonderful furniture.

Shackteau Interiors
There is All Purpose Flowers

Beauport Hearing Care
Happy E Bikes
Happy Humpback

Magnolia Library and Community Center

<img class=”rms_img rms_img” src=”data:;base64,

” width=”16″ height=”16″ aria-hidden=”true” data-bm=”53″ />1 Lexington Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930

 Butterfly Encounter at Castle Hill

Introducing a new program at Castle Hill!

The Butterfly Encounter

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate

290 Argilla Road, Ipswich

Every other Saturday at 1:00, starting on June 17


Member Adult: $12

Member Child: $6

Nonmember Adult: $20

Nonmember Child: $10

  • New at the Crane Estate: BUTTERFLY ENCOUNTER!
    Imagine talking to a butterfly….What would you ask?What stories could they tell?
    Just in time for National Pollinator week, here comes a wonderful new outdoor program for children and adults in the gardens of the Crane Estate on Castle Hill.  It’s the totally interactive Butterfly Encounter!
    A friendly giant monarch butterfly puppet will welcome you into all the adventures of butterfly-life:Growing up in the milkweed patch…Morphing from a caterpillar…And making an incredible journey across continents!
    Young children will delight in the wonder of garden animals…Older children and adults will discover how pollinators shape the whole eco-system…And the hearts of everyone, young and old, will open to this amazing migrating garden helper!
    Your 45-minute Butterfly Encounter will happen in the beautiful Rose (or Italian) Garden adjacent to the Great House.Get ready to meet the 4-foot-long caterpillar munching its way across the gardens … before transforming into a grand and glorious monarch butterfly — with a 5-foot wingspan!
    These fascinating butterfly and caterpillar puppets were created for the Trustees by master puppeteer and actor Lucas Milliken of Jamaica Plain.See you at the Butterfly Encounter!