Dealing with Fickle Winter Weather –pat morss

During the recent yo-yo temperature swings, with record highs and lows within a week, nature learns to cope.

WARM: Snowdrop flowers poke their heads up in case it’s spring
COLD: We can all appreciate the beauty when the freeze hits
WARM: Why not go for a February ocean sail at sunset in a tiny boat?
COLD: Same ocean – Beast of Burden slugging her way home
WARM: Deer romping in the field
COLD: “I was a bad boy. Can you get this chicken wire fence off my antler?”
WARM: Dejected? Find another rock if you aren’t invited to sun with the group
COLD: “I’m warming my hands”
WARM: “Very pleasant here on the railing”
COLD: If you have feathers, fluff up
WARM: If you’re a Gnome, hide in a tree trunk and wipe off the sweat
COLD: Nothing can beat the cold stare from our Mockingbird

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