On this day in 1926: Boston Globe profiled Captain Foster, 90 Year old Man walked from 92 Mt Pleasant Ave to the wharves daily

October 30, 1926 – 96 years ago today

photo description: 92 Mt. Pleasant THEN detail from Sanborn Fire Insurance map, 1917; 92 Mt. Pleasant NOW (same footprint)

“Gloucester, Oct. 30

Hale and hearty at the age of 90, Capt. William W. Foster, an ancient mariner of East Gloucester, strolls down to the wharves every day, puffs his pipe and looks with optimistic eye on life in general, and the passing fishing schooners remind him of his early experiences.

Capt. Foster was born in Port Medway, N.S., Oct. 20, 1836*. He lives with his daughter, Mrs. Susan B. Eason, wife of patrolman W. Wallace Eason of the Police Department, at 92 Mt. Pleasant av, East Gloucester. There, Oct. 20, he quietly observed his 90th birthday.

Capt. Foster’s life has been mainly passed on the seas. Until he was 15 he worked on his father’s farm. Then he went fishing for the Summer. The next year he shipped on a salt fishing trip to the Labrador and for many years thereafter followed the sea, fishing, and on merchant voyages to the West Indies.

He was married in 1872 to Miss Patience Cole of Liverpool, N.S., after which he worked as a stevedore at that place. In 1877 he shipped on a voyage to the Grand Banks.

The vessel came to Gloucester to dispose of her cargo.

Mr. Foster liked the old fishing town so much that he determined to make it his home and so shipped out of here on fishing voyages and worked around the wharves. in 1882 he sent for his wife and family.

In January, 1903, his wife died and his daughter, Dezlah, assumed the duties of mistress of the home until 1911, when he received word from his mother that his father had died. Then he went home to live with his mother until 1916 when his mother died. In 1923, his son, Harry W. Foster of the police department went down to Port Medway and brought him back to Gloucester.

Captain Foster is in good health. he reads the papers and magazines with the aid of glasses. Except once when he was taken with the cramps, he never has had the services of a physician. While he enjoys a good smoke he has always been an abstainer from liquor.

His grandfather, Joseph Foster, died at 93.

His father, Benjamin, lived until 92.

His mother saw the ripe old age of 103.

He has two sons, Harry and J. Mack, and two daughters, five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.”

Boston Globe, 1926

Capt. Foster returned in Gloucester’s tercentenary year, and stayed until his death in 1928. His daughter, Susan, died Oct. 31, 1966. Her husband was officer W. Wallace Eason. Capt. Foster’s son J. Mack died Dec. 10, 1931 (widow Flora G., resided on Highland). In the 1930s, his son Harry W. was employed as a salesman. I wonder what happened to Dezlah.

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