Growing sport of Platform Tennis has new home in Gloucester

Cape Ann Paddle Tennis Club New Location To Open in November

Taking Limited Number of New Members

During the pandemic many outdoor sports realized unprecedented growth and that certainly was the case for Platform Tennis which saw a 30 to 40% increase in players according to Noah Seidenberg, founder of Xenon Paddle, a new manufacturer in the Platform Tennis Industry.

Cape Ann Paddle Tennis Club experienced the same growth in players and will be moving from their current 3 court location in Annisquam to the site for Spindrift YMCA near Wingaersheek Beach.  With the move, they have purchased 4 new courts and plan to build a paddle hut in the near future.

While the club had to turn away new members until they move to the new location, they are now taking a limited number of new members.


Platform tennis is an American racquet sport played by thousands of people of all ages and ability levels

across the country. Developed to be enjoyed outdoors in cold weather, this easy to learn sport  offers vigorous outdoor exercise combined with friendly interaction. This unique game attracts people who desire fresh air, competition and social engagement – even on a chilly winter’s day or night. The sport creates and builds strong communities, because most facilities offer compact courts and warming huts, which are a fun place to gather and be active together.

The game is played on an aluminum deck about 1/3 the size of a tennis court and is surrounded by a 12′ high superstructure with taut, 16-gauge “chicken wire” fencing that allows play off the walls, as in racquetball and squash. The court surface is infused with grit so that play can continue in inclement weather. Players often colloquially refer to platform tennis as “paddle” or “paddle tennis”. Platform tennis is a great game on many levels. Unlike golf or tennis, learning to play is relatively easy. In addition, strategy is equally as important as raw power. In that sense, platform tennis entails the power and speed of tennis mixed with the strategy and patience of chess. It is, as a consequence, highly addictive.

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“It’s the very best outdoor activity in town that is affordable to all age groups. Camaraderie, friendship,competition, social play, great time after the play in the hut, girl’s night out, men’s and ladies’ leagues,  you name it this sport provides it. The club is the place where members bring their friends and family to spend quality time together.” Ania Kazakevich, Manager, Head Professional Wilmette Park


“Paddle tennis is a blast, and the culture is one of good sportsmanship no matter where you go in the country.” Alyce Dwyer, Jamestown, RI

“One word, addictive, my kids love it, my husband loves it. We can spend time together”.

For additional information please contact Sue Hunt Slobin at

2 thoughts on “Growing sport of Platform Tennis has new home in Gloucester

  1. Over 50 years ago, I remember a paddle tennis court in the woods across 127 from the ‘Squam, Church. I believe it ended up moving to the Ames Estate in Bay View.


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